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Shadow Fight Arena from Nekki is a new multiplayer fighting RPG. The game has stunning graphics and real-time PvP where players choose from a range of legendary fighters to battle in the Shadow Mind’s tournament. Players create a 3-fighter team, each with their own unique style and abilities, to battle another team to become champion. This is the next generation of mobile fighting games, bringing realistic animation, top-level physics, and full player-controlled movement. Jump into this exciting and addictive game by finding out what characters are available to collect.

Shadow Fight Arena Characters and Abilities

LingSlashing Strike and Ling’s flaskRareHeraldsEasy
ShangShadow Energy Adept and Shadow ProtectionCommonDynastyNormal
KateLiquidator’s Daughter and Experienced SoldierCommonLegionEasy
IroncladStubborn as a Mule and Non-StopCommonLegionEasy
KiboShadow Onslaught and PerfectionEpicHeraldsNormal
MarcusThrough the GlitchEpicLegionNormal
Hong-JooBlazing Bite and Triumph AnticipationRareDynastyNormal
FireguardShadow Generator, Flamethrower, and CountdownCommonHeraldsNormal
HelgaPower of Light, Shield of Light, and SmiteRareLegionEasy
SargeShadow Squad Leader, Will Suppression, and Old SchoolRareLegionNormal
AzumaNeutralization and Consequence ManagementCommonHeraldsHard
YukkaOpen Wounds, Guillotine, and Shade’s TurnRareDynastyEasy
Jack BulwarkBone Break and Shadow FortressCommonLegionHard
JetShadow HarmonyRareDynastyHard
EmperorEmperor’s Curse, Shadow Beast, Predator Lunge, Sharp Ribs, Spike, and From BelowEpicDynastyHard
LynxHunter in the Shadows, Mark of the Order, and Demonic PowerEpicHeraldsNormal
Monkey KingAscension, Jingu Strike, Demonic PowerLegendaryDynastyHard
MidnightShadow Shift, Evasion Technique, and Successful ExperimentEpicHeraldsNormal

Tips for New Players

Not all fighters are available straight away. Players will need to collect fighter cards to unlock many of them, and then collect cards and resource items to level up fighters and make them the strongest they can be. Shang is the first fighter given to players when they first begin, and he is one of the strongest available. He is a little slower than some other fighters but he may just become a favorite, especially when farming for cards and resources early on.

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Kate, who is also available from the start of the game, has useful passive abilities meant to slow the enemy. She is a good choice for early players, especially alongside Shang, as their abilities can complement each other. Like Kate, Ironclad makes another good early choice. He will need to be unlocked first, but once players have him, he makes a great addition to the team. His close combat style complements Shang’s long-range attacks, and combined with Kate’s passive energy-sapping ability, those three can be a great start-up team.

Once you have farmed for cards and resources, you may want to explore who else is available and expand your fighter roster with more great teams. Good luck!

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