Shadow Fight 2, developed by Nekki, is a really interesting fighting game released not too long ago on the App Store.

Even though the game is a fighting game at heart, featuring a simple yet effective gameplay experience, Shadow Fight 2 also comes with some role playing game elements that manage to make the whole experience more deeper.

As all gamers who enjoy role playing games already know, elements taken from these games also mean that everything become more complicated. Due to this, you may need a helping hand in understanding some of Shadow Fight 2’s mechanics. Since we really cannot leave gamers in need, here are some tips and tricks that will help you in Shadow Fight 2.

  • Weapons

Shadow Fight 2 features a variety of different weapons that come with different attributes. Your moves will also depend on the equipped weapon so consider trying all of them out in the dojo, you may find a weapon you have ignored to be actually good.

  • Tournaments

Fighting in Tournaments is the best way to earn some extra coins that can be used to power up before taking on the terrible demonic henchmen. However there are times when even Tournaments may be too though for you. In this case it’s a good idea to go for Survival to earn some extra coins without wasting energy and coins for a really short run in a tournament.

  • Upgrading

While getting new equipment pieces is the best way to power up, you won’t be able to buy new items pretty often during the game. This is when upgrading does wonders, as it’s a good way to keep fighting with your current equipment while waiting to level up to obtain the next equipment piece.

  • Fighting Tips

Shadow Fight 2 isn’t as fast paced as other fighting games, placing a greater emphasis on positioning and timing. For this reason, it’s always better to play it self during the game but always keeping an eye on the opponent and wait for openings following a missed attack. Some opponents may try to keep you pinned in the corner with a series of quick attacks but you can easily get out of the way with a well placed roll. Make sure to take positioning into account even during evasive maneuvers, as you will be especially vulnerable after a roll.




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