A new version of iOS is going to be made available very soon and several games are unfortunately not going to be working properly with the new version. Some of them may even get removed for a little while until developers manage to solve issues and update their titles.

Among the games that will be removed from the App Store soon are several titles published by Konami. The Japanese company has confirmed earlier today that around 30 of their titles will soon become unavailable for download. Among them are Metal Gear Solid Touch, three Bomberman games and others.

  • Dance Dance Revolution S
    Dance Dance Revolution S+
    Field Prowlers Police Rush!
    Frogger Pad
    Metal Gear Solid Touch
    Silent Hill: The Escape
    Silent Scope
    Happy Face Popper
    Elemental Monster TD
    Crayon Physics Deluxe
    Charlene’s Beachside Solitaire
    Table Game Selection
    Knights Of The Phantom Castle
    Tomena Scanner Touch
    Hyper Sports Winter
    Hyper Sports (Track And Field)
    Bomberman Touch
    Bomberman Chains
    Bomberman Dojo
    Love Plus iM
    Love Plus iN
    Love Plus iR
    100 Ghost Stories
    Grappling Action: Moon Dancer
    World RPS
    Chikuwa Ninja
    Mahjong Police
    Haunted Pics
    Shot Watch

As Konami is going to be focusing on the mobile market, there’s a good chance that the games will be made available for download very soon. Not all titles from Konami are getting removed so the publisher is definitely not leaving the market.

Thanks, Inside Games via Touch Arcade



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