Today, the Pokemon company held a special presentation where they revealed a bunch of exciting new Pokemon games, and one of them is a new mobile game called Pokémon Café Mix!

Players will assume the role of a chef who has opened up a new restaurant designed for Pokémon. Trainers and their weary Pokémon will come to visit your cafe, and you have to do your best to serve them up something to remember!

To create yummy treats, players will play through physics puzzles. A bunch of Pokémon-shaped icons will drop into the bin, and you have to match at least three of them in a free-form line. You can even swirl the icons around to move them freely! Think of it as a combination of Pokemon Shuffle and Disney Tsum Tsum.

Each level will have different clear goals, so you will need to match the icons accordingly. There are also plenty of power ups to use to help your cooking go a little smoother. When the cooking is done, you will create some fun Pokémon-themed dishes and drinks!

Eventually, you may even be able to recruit Pokémon to work at your cafe if they like you enough! Keep serving them good treats and your friendship level will increase, making them more likely to come help you out!

And of course, there is plenty of room for cafe expansion. As your cafe grows in popularity, you can expand it to hold more customers and Pokémon. You can even add in more kinds of decor!

Pokémon Café Mix is scheduled to launch next week on June 25, 2020 for both the App Store and Google Play Store.


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