Have you heard of Melbits? They are tiny little creatures that live inside almost everything that is connected to the internet, whether that be your home computer PC, your tablets, game consoles, or even that smart phone that is in your pocket right now!

Melbits are the ones who protect our devices from evil viruses that are out to disconnect the world. However, some Melbits have recently gotten lost and now they need your help to get back to their home device! Without them, the digital realm is in danger!

And thus begins Melbits World, a cute and cuddly 3D puzzle platformer. Players will travel across six different worlds each with their own unique themes and colors in an attempt to rescue all of the Melbits lost within the 72 levels.

Each level is presented to the player like a little diorama. The Melbits can be found right away, but they need to be led to special spots to get them out of there. They will walk around on their own, but in order to lead them home you need to manipulate certain aspects of the level.

Melbit cannot cross a river? Why not press a button to turn on the bridge! Melbit needs to get to higher ground? Lead them to the trampoline to give them a big boost into the air! The solutions are all there, you just need to put the Melbits in the right spot.

Melbits was originally a Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch game, but now it is here on iOS! The game is available on the App Store now for 4.99 USD.


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