The Super Monkey Ball series and all its cute monkey characters are coming back on iOS very soon with a brand new title.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce is going to be slightly different from previous entries of the series on iOS, which were more focused on 3D platforming. Super Monkey Ball Bounce is going to be a 2D game featuring a gameplay experience that’s pretty close to pachinko-style puzzle, where you will be shooting the monkey balls from the top of the screen so that they can bounce around, roll down and get as many bananas as possible. It’s a really interesting take on the series’ gameplay experience that’s made even more interesting by the colorful graphics used in the game.


Super Monkey Ball Bounce is going to feature 120 levels so you will also have plenty to do in the game. The eight playable characters will also come with their own unique special abilities, further expanding the gameplay experience and adding some needed variety.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce will be released sometime during Summer on the App Store. The game is going to be a free title but it’s not yet known if the SEGA game is going to feature in-game ads or IAPs.




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