Secret of Mana

Secret Of Mana, the iOS enhanced port of the classic SNES action role playing game developed by Square Enix, is now available for a reduced price on the App Store.

The game has been discounted in all regions, with the game’s price being considerably lowered. If you have been put off by the game’s price, now is the best time to get the game and experience one of the best titles developed by Square Enix, Squaresoft at the time of the game’s original release.

The Secret Of Mana iOS port features improved graphics and touch screen support, among many other tweaks and enhancements that make playing the game a real joy. The game has also received a new update recently, introducing support for MFi controllers, touch screen controls enhancements, support for Retina displays and other interface tweaks that make the fonts visible even at higher resolutions.

Secret Of Mana is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game will be available for purchase for a reduced price until August 10th so make sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible if you haven’t played this excellent game yet.



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