Legends tell of a secret forest that only cats know about. One fateful day, you stumble upon a humble little cottage in the woods and you hear distant meows. Could this be the fabled Secret Cat Forest? In this cute and relaxing game, players will build cat furniture and leave out food in hopes of having furry little friends stop by. If you’re looking to get into this adorable adventure, we’ve got a simple Secret Cat Forest beginner’s guide right here for you.

Collecting Resources

The two main resources in Secret Cat Forest are wood and fishes. Wood is used for constructing fun furniture to attract more kitties to your secret forest cabin, while fishes are used to feed them and keep the kitties around.

Your first order of business to get your secret forest haven up and running is to collect these resources. Swipe to the left and you’ll see a giant mystical tree with a river in the valley below it. Look closely at the different leaves of the tree – you should see little twigs sticking out. Tapping the shrubs will reveal wood, so tap and tap until you see no more twigs sticking out.

Now, it’s time to get some yummy fish for your feline friends. See the fishing pole at the bottom right corner of the screen? Tap on it to lower the hook, then tap and hold on a fishing swimming around. You’ll see a little gauge pop up – you want to let go of your screen when the arrow is in the red part of the meter. Do this successfully and you’ll add some fish to your reserves. You can only hold 100 fish starting out, but you’ll be able to expand your capacity later.

Decorating your Cabin

Now that you’ve got some resources to your name, it’s time for the best part – decorating your cabin! Swipe back over and you’ll be back at your cabin. Cats will come to your secret forest cabin only if they like the decor, so tap the button with the three lines at the bottom right corner.

A list of available furniture will come up. If you’ve got the wood, tap the wooden hammer to build that furniture. Do note that each piece of furniture has four variants (as indicated by the white dots), and you can cycle through them by tapping on the furniture itself. Choose your favorite and build away!

The more furniture you build, the better chance of attracting kitties you’ve never seen before. Once you’ve built a couple pieces of furniture, it’s time to wait. Cats are a little skittish, so it’s best to close out of the game and come back later.

Befriending Furry Felines

With any luck, soon you’ll be visited by lots of furry friends! Despite warming up to your cabin, the cats are still a little careful around you, so you’ll need to have them come back. Every time a cat comes to visit you, their intimacy will increase. The higher a cat’s intimacy, the more expressive they’ll be when they visit!

You can see the names and intimacy levels of each specific cat by tapping and holding on them when they come to visit. High intimacy cats may even leave you a Kitty Gift sometimes, so be sure to check your inventory, which is also accessed by the three lines button at the bottom right.

Certain cats will require multiple visits to get maximum intimacy with them, and doing so will fill out their profile in the cat album and also unlock their section in the GIF and special albums.

Upgrading the Cabin

The star icon in the options menu will take you to the upgrades. You can purchase several upgrades here to make things easier for yourself, such as expanded storage for fish or a better fishing rod. Most things require wood, but some will also require tape and assembly parts, which can be found from fishing and Kitty Gifts. When you can afford it, upgrading different parts of the cabin can make it much easier to attract more cats.

At the very bottom of the furniture list you will find a Long Ladder. Buying this will add a second floor to your cabin, allowing you to decorate it with more furniture. This is a must have once you start getting a lot of cats!

Furniture Collections

The final tab of your album archive hosts your Furniture Collection lists. Every piece of furniture in the game belongs to a certain collection, and building every piece in a collection will reward you with a special bonus, like a large amount of wood or reduced crafting times for your furniture. Do your best to complete as many collections as you can!

And that concludes our beginner’s guide on Secret Cat Forest. You should know everything you need to know to get a good start, and if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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