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Seaport Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Seaport Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Welcome to the world of sea transport business! Seaport is a seaport simulation game where you’ll explore the vast ocean, collect treasures and resources, and of course trade and establish a successful business! As a small little fishing village, you will journey through the history of ships and eventually become a thriving port city! Our Seaport cheats and tips will show you how to build the ultimate seaport!

Seaport is all about managing your resources. We’re here to show you how to most efficiently manage your time, resources, and ships in our Seaport cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Follow the Captain’s Checklist!

The Captain’s Checklist is a list of tasks for you to follow. We recommend following this checklist tightly, as it will guide your port down the general progression route. If you’re ever unsure of what to focus on next, just take a look at the list to see what’s recommended.

Not only do you gain awesome rewards for finishing sets of checklists, but your port stays up-to-date with all of the latest upgrades and buildings.

Grab the barrels!

If you’re just idling on your port waiting for your ships to come back from sailing, be sure to grab any barrels you see floating around. Barrels will spawn pretty frequently on your shores and you can tap them to uncover their secrets. They usually hide a tiny bit of resources inside of them, but every little bit helps!

Keep the game open!

While Seaport may seem like an “idle” game due to all the waiting that comes with it, you’re going to want to keep the game open so you can manage everything. It might seem like it’s a game where you can set things and forget about them until they’re done, but the timers are actually pretty fast in Seaport. Sawing, fishing, sailing, you name it – most of these activities finish usually under 3 minutes.

In order to make sure your port is staying in business, it’s best to leave the game open and continuously issue new orders to your ships and everything else. Your port will be thriving if you can keep up with the trades!

Search the Treasure Piles!

Whenever you explore and reveal a new portion of the world map, you’ll often discover a Treasure Pile somewhere in the ocean. You should send a ship out to one of these as soon as you find it. Treasure Piles are one-time exploration options that give you a bunch of gold and gems, so be on the lookout for them!

Keep trading for upgrades!

Each location on the world map that isn’t a trader is essentially a resource node. Sending ships to these points will allow you to collect certain resources, including money! Going off of the tip about keeping the game open, you’ll want to send your ships often to the same location.

Every time one of your ships visits a point, that point will gain “experience”. Basically, experience is measured by how much resources you can get from the node. Once you’ve gotten enough, the point will level up and you can get more of the resource in a single trip. Handy!

That’s all the tips we have for Seaport for now. If you’ve got any other tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Seaport Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


    • A good way is during events, like the current one, is to find the event item and fill your warehouses with it, then trade it at the market for fish. You should always try and do this at the beginning and end of events. And a couple of times in between. Hope that helps!

    • Next to the port, there is another random play that will be “asking” for goods. It usually isn’t much, they don’t actually request it, but you will get some sort of reward, money, exp, some materials for example. And you can’t ask for goods, either. In case you were wondering.

  1. Peter,

    A social contract is with a fellow player. Log on to the game using facebook and have a lighthouse to use that option. For the time being, sending a single ship fulfills a contract. Contracts supplying your hometown are also offered, the lighthouse will show a handshake in green.

  2. Gulf used to be a high-level gold place for me. Like i was getting a minimum of 1000 gold pieces. All of a sudden, now it only comes back with a hundred or maybe 2 hundred gold pieces. What changed? Why is it all of a sudden hard to get more gold? I actually was getting 25K in gold from one of my captains, each time I went there. Did I just deplete it? Will it return? right now the only thing holding me back is gold.

    • Chris, I have experienced the same. My solution is to trade goods at the market place – typically steel or stone is what I see shortages for, sometimes cash.


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