In the distant future, most of Earth’s landmasses have disappeared. The vast ocean has taken over most of the planet’s surface, and a war over rare resources wages on across the world. Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic is a base management/war game where you build your own naval base to conquer other players! Our Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic cheats and tips will show you how to build the ultimate base!

Seacraft is a lot like other base management games, so you’ll be right at home if you’re familiar with the genre. If not, don’t worry! Our Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will help you ensure that your base is awesome!


Follow the quests!

Like any typical city building/management game, you’ll need lots and lots of resources to keep up with your foes. If you follow the main quests that the game gives you – you can view them at any time by looking at the top left corner of the screen – it’ll ensure that your base stays up-to-date with all of the latest upgrades and such. Completing a quest also rewards you with a substantial amount of rewards, and this is crucial to keeping your resource supply nice and cozy.

Keep your fleet strong!

If you ever do run low on natural resources, you can send out an attack fleet to terrorize random cargo ships. Those poor ships! Be warned though – these aren’t your ordinary cargo ships! These ships are equipped with cannons so they can fight back. Don’t expect an easy fight! You can gauge how tough the ship is by the level next to its name; always be sure to check the ship’s level before engaging!

Any damage your fleet takes is persistent, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. To repair your fleet, you’ll need to recall it back to base to queue up some repairs. It’s okay if one of ships goes down during a battle as you can get it back up and running no worse for wear as long as your fleet can make it back to base. Don’t let your entire fleet go down – you’ll lose all the ships in it forever!

Production has to stay busy!

If you see the Standby button at the bottom left corner of the screen, that means one of your production facilities is idle. Try your best to keep every single one of your facilities busy – it’s to key the getting a strong base up and running fast! Whether you need to build a new structure, research new technology, or build a new ship part, always be working towards the next big thing.

Don’t forget to outfit your ships with new tech!

Upon completing research for new tech, you will unlock it for future use on any other ships you make. Your existing ships remain with the tech they had when you first built them, so keep this in mind. When you’re building new ships, don’t forget to use the latest technology you have unlocked on them.

One important thing is that new technology isn’t always a direct upgrade. Sometimes higher levels of guns, armors, and what not have better stats in one area but worst in another area. You’ll need to pay attention to the stats yourself to make the best decision for your fleet.

Defend your base!

Once you become high enough level, your base will be open to attack by other players. To ensure your base is well-defended, built as many turrets as you can and place them around the perimeter of your base. You can equip turrets with upgraded rockets to increase their effectiveness as well. You can also assign one of your fleets to stay and defend your base, which you should do as soon as you can. Make sure it’s one of your better fleets as well – you don’t know how strong your opponent will be!

You can also get a little fancy with base layout. As you learned in the tutorial, you can expand your island by placing down land tiles, but you have to leave ocean tiles for structures that must go in the water. Try to create little inlets so that your ocean structures are protected by land, and if the invader wants to destroy them they have to go through other parts of your base first.

That’s all for Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. i have a problem its saying it is not available in my country i am in the uk and my friend is in uk and plays it np can you help me ty


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