The match-3 masters at have come up with another puzzling saga! Scrubby Dubby Saga is the newest Saga game to come from, and this time things are getting a little soapy! Match colorful soap pieces to clear out all the mysterious foam from Soapland. We’ll help you scrub your way to victory with our Scrubby Dubby Saga cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Plan out your slides!

Like most match-3 puzzle games out on the market right now, you have a limited amount of moves, but no time limit. This means that you should take your time during the levels. Plan out your moves, try to line up multiple chains in one moves and be as efficient as possible. Don’t rush and go for the soap!

2. Match as many as possible!

Matching four pieces of soap will result in a bottle left behind. Bottles are filled with special purple liquid that will automatically match soap in a specific pattern. If you bring two bottles next to each other, they’ll combine to form a rainbow bottle that has more power. You can tell what kind of pattern the bottle will explode in by looking at the markings on the bottle. A + means it’ll pop in a plus pattern, while a vertical line will pop in… you get the idea!

3. Prioritize your objective!

Most levels will have you match a specific type of soap. Check the top right corner of the screen to see which ones you need to match and how many are left. During these levels, try to ignore other types of soaps unless they’ll make an easy bottle or something. You’re going to want to save all of your moves for matching the most important soaps. This goes double for the later levels when you only get a couple amount of moves.

4. Try to have left over moves!

Trying to score high? If you have moves left over and you complete your objective, random soap pieces on the board will turn into bottles depending on how many moves you have left. If you’ve got a ton of moves left, you’re in for a big score bonus! If you’re aiming to get all three stars, try to be as efficient with your moves as possible.

5. Complete the quests!

As you start the game, you’ll receive quests to complete. You’ll complete most of them as you play the game naturally. These quests are worth precious gold, the premium currency of the game. Try to complete as many of these quests as you can because the gold can be spent on continuing, power ups, and more!

That’s all for Scrubby Dubby Saga. If you have any other scrubbly tips, leave a comment below!


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