Scrappers Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earning Lots of Money

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After a spaceship full of trash crashes into Earth, humanity is wiped out from the resulting ecological devastation. With no humans left to govern the world, robots begin to rise, and cities constructed completely out of trash are erected. Now the governing resource of the world, all types of trash are treasure, and certain robots known as “scrappers” collect and sell as much junk as possible.

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You are such one robot in Scrappers, a new side-scrolling beat ’em up with a futuristic twist! Roam the streets of Junktown throwing all the trash and junk you see into your truck, but watch out – the rival gangs are looking to loot as well! Fight in hectic four-player co-op battles, and use teamwork to ensure you get as much trash as possible.

In our Scrappers tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of a successful run in Junktown. We will help improve your odds of surviving out there on the streets, so let’s get started with our Scrappers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to earning lots of money!

Grab all the Scrap

In Scrappers, your objective is to finish the level with as much trash in your truck as possible. The more trash you throw into the back of the truck, the more money you will earn. In most cases, your Scrapper can only hold up to three items at once. Bring three items in succession to get more money.

Most items are only worth $10, but you will earn money if you deliver multiple pieces of trash at the same time, with it increasing by $5 per item. So, try not to deliver single piece of trash if you can help it – you will get more money in the long run if you stick to delivering in batches.

Pay attention to the scrap you are picking up. Since almost everything is worth only $10, it is better to stick to small items, like bottles and cones. You can pick up machines, cabinets, and the like if you want, but keep in mind that every item has its own physics and weight, so big items will make you slow down drastically.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

As you learned in the tutorial, a Scrapper can only hold up to three items picked up by themselves. However, if a friendly Scrapper is nearby they can toss an item to them and they can add it to their stack.

Throwing is a little tricky, but just be ready to aim it and you should be fine. Start moving in the direction you want to throw, then tap and hold on the right side of the screen to initiate the throw. You have about a split second to fine-tune your aim (as indicated by the arrow around you) before your Scrapper throws, so use this time to be more accurate.

When an item is thrown with another player around, you will see green indicators showing where they are going to land. The key to catching items out of the air is to wait for the item itself to be near YOU, not your stack. A small trick is to keep an eye on the item – when it gets close enough to you to catch, it will highlight green.

To get stacks bigger than three items you either have to use your overclock ability or be playing with another player. You can play Scrappers entirely solo, but you will probably miss out on a lot of potential money and some of the challenges just will be kind of hard to complete.

Scrappers supports online multiplayer, so even if you do not have friends nearby, you can invite other players online to play with. We highly recommend getting some friends to join, as the experience is much more fun with some buddy robots by your side.

Look for the Real Treasure

When you are roaming the streets of Junktown, you may come across some peculiar objects. A shiny box, perhaps? If you happen to see one of these things, make sure you give a good smack or two… or three… or four… seriously, these things will not break unless you hit them a bunch of times.

It is definitely worth your time though, as these shiny contains contains precious pristine items that sell for a lot when you bring it to the truck. Keep an eye out for anything that glimmers, as that is usually an indicator of a container hiding treasure.

Surviving the Streets of Junktown

There are plenty of baddies that roam the streets of Junktown that are more than willing to put you in the scrapyard, from rival Scrapper gangs to robotic mice that are looking for a snack, you have to be on your toes to survive.

You will start out the game unarmed, but you still pack a punch. Attacking three times in a row will make your Scrapper perform two swift hits and then one big hit after a short wind-up. This is your main combo attack and you will be relying on it a lot.

One thing we have noticed is that enemies love to recover out of hitstun in the middle of your combo, so often times we would find ourselves getting hit during the wind-up animation of the big hit. If you are going up against particularly fast enemies, it might help to do the two quick hits then move out of range so that you do not get counter attacked.

The tell-tale signal that an enemy is about to attack is the red glow that appears on them. As soon as you see this glow, dodge out of the way to avoid taking damage. Your Scrappers are pretty fragile, so you can only take a few hits before you fall apart.

Make sure you stay on screen! If your Scrapper goes off screen, they will begin taking huge chunks of damage. It only takes about three ticks of this damage to kill you, so be very careful about following the truck.

If you do bite the dust, do not worry – it is not the end of the world. When a allied Scrapper goes down, you will lose a small portion of your money, but you will respawn no worse for wear. However, if you die again, you will lose a bigger amount of money, and this will continue to grow if you keep losing fights. Do not be careless otherwise you may find yourself at the end of the level with nothing to show for it!

Complete the Challenges

Each level in an area has three optional challenges for you to complete. Do not worry about doing them on your first run through the level, as it is often to difficult to do so if not outright impossible. Some challenges require you use to specific weapons, many of which will not unlock until you get past the level in question.

Completing all of a level’s challenges will not reward you with anything, but if you complete an entire area’s challenges then you will get a huge cash reward, so if it is worthy time investment if you want to revisit the levels often.

Unlocking Weapons and Hiring Scrappers

So what can you do with all that money? There are three shops for you to visit, and you hire new Scrappers, buy new weapons, or deck out the garbage truck with sweet new parts.

Hiring new Scrappers is purely cosmetic. The different Scrappers do not have any different stats, just different looks. If this is your thing, then go ahead and buy the coolest looking Scrappers, otherwise save your money for…

Weapons! Before a level starts, you can choose to bring a weapon with you. Weapons make combat a lot easier to manage, so you should always bring one. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so try them all to see what you like.

Finally, you can buy new parts for the garbage truck and customize it with different colors and decals. This too is purely cosmetic and does not change how your truck behaves at all, so do this if you have the extra cash to spare.

That’s all for Scrappers! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Scrappers Guide: Tips & Cheats To Earning Lots of Money

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