Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition

There isn’t a single character in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition that is above all the others, as they are all pretty solid ones that can make the game more fun depending on your playstyle. But if there is one character that is above most of the others, in terms of fun and combo potential, that is Stephen.

High combo potential, however, comes at a cost, as you need to optimize the character’s amazing speed to deal the same amount of damage other characters can deal with shorter combos. So, what is it that makes Stephen a good choice as a character? Let’s find out.


Stephen is among the fastest characters in the game, and the one with the highest combo potential, thanks to his light attack combo string that ends with an air launcher. Once the enemy is in the air, you can unleash another aerial combo for tons of damage. The downside is that you will always have to be on point with your combos, as the light ground combo alone doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage, definitely not on par with the damage that the rest of the cast can deal with simple ground strings.

Stephen’s starting stats are 110 HP and 100 GP.

Unique Moves

Stephen has three unique moves that turn him even more into a combo powerhouse. His first unique move, learned at level 2, is the Dash Attack, performed by dashing and using a light attack. Unlike every other character’s dash attack, Stephen’s is a quick elbow attack that staggers the enemies for a few moments, making it easy to start any combo string.

The second unique move is Tech Attack 1, learned at level 16. By pressing up and heavy attack, you will unleash a short-range double attack that is somewhat slow, making it very difficult to use properly while surrounded. As this is basically a slower version of the light combo string, it isn’t particularly useful, as the slow speed makes it difficult to use it in combos.

Stephen’s third unique move is Tech Attack 2, learned via special training. By pressing down and heavy attack, Stephen will start rolling, damaging anything on his path, and ending the roll with an extremely powerful punch. An extremely powerful move that can be used both during offense and defense, and one you want to master to perform the most complex combos and dominate the battlefield with ease.


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