Score! Hero, the new football (or soccer, depending where you’re reading this from) career sim game is absolutely amazing and offers so many possibilities when it comes to match flow. But winning games, getting three stars in all stages and becoming a superstar is not easy, so we’ve decided to come to your help with some Score! Hero cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide for all the winners and wannabe winners out there. Because this can and should be done!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Score! Hero tips and tricks!

1. Don’t use your hard earn cash to rewind. Even though you lose a bit of energy every time you skip a rewind – and in later, multiple layer stages, this can get pretty frustrating, don’t waste your hard earned cash on that and instead wait to get all the player customizations that you want. Keep an eye on the rewind button, though, because sometimes you will be rewarded with free rewinds – and that’s something you want to take advantage of!

2. How to get more free cash? Progressing through the game is the easiest way to do it, but you can also watch ads every now and then for free cash: just keep an eye out for a camera button on the mission screen and when it shows up, watch the ad for one free cash. Also, make sure you connect your game to Facebook when asked and you will get 5 free cash!

3. Different approaches have different results. There is no one way to tackle a mission in the game – and that’s what makes Score! Hero so amazing. You can try different strategies and more might work, but it’s important to have one strategy set as soon as you start playing and try to follow it, otherwise you will certainly end up missing your chance.

The golden rule of thumb, in my opinion, is to always play it safe. Short passes or passes where you look for an opening are the way to go: remember that your main goal is to complete a mission at first, see the requirements for three stars and they replay it until you can master it. But until you get there, you have to get the job done: set a strategy (having some basic football knowledge certainly helps) and stick to it! It’s not always important for your character to be in the spotlight, so be a team player and get the game going! This will get you far!

4. Practice to hit the corners – it’s basically the top or bottom corner that will be required as goals in most of the missions that you play, so try to master those shots and never try anything else. Remember that the easiest corner to score is the one the keeper is farthest away from, so even if the player that’s about to shoot seems to be in a more comfortable position to aim for one direction, you can always choose the right one: make sure you do so because there will be no penalty!

5. Replay stages over and over again. Sometimes, you will need a bit of luck to get all the three stars. Sometimes you will need a different tactic, but one thing is clear: you can only get there by playing over and over again. It’s 90% sweat and 10% luck in Score! Hero, but it’s an extremely enjoyable ride!

6. The Time Lapse Cheat: although we have reports from people who have successfully used this cheat (which involves modifying the date on your device to get free energy), we tried it and it didn’t work in our case. But we’re still looking for other goodies.

This would be all right now in terms of tips and tricks for Score! Hero. If you have other questions or tips to share, let us know by commenting below!


  1. To get a lot of money play the game to about the 11th to 12th season and reset your game and u will be rewarded with about 100-200 money’s but the lower u restart the lower your money will be and the higher the more money!!!!

  2. anyone know how to recognise who your Hero is. To complete the mission with 3 stars it keeps saying ‘assist with your hero’ or ‘goal with your hero’. How do i know which teammate is my hero??


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