Somewhere out there lies an abandoned industrial complex. Within its dilapidated walls, the light hum of gently powered machinery keeps the complex seemingly alive. A lone droid powers up, and now must navigate a facility full of dazzling contraptions to discover the truth…

Unit 404 is a new sci-fi puzzle platformer from the developer One Mand Band, the same developer behind 2016’s hit puzzle game the Sequence.

Unit 404 tasks players with guiding a little droid out of a massive complex full of futuristic mechanisms. The player controls not only the droid but also the various powered boxes lying around the level.

At its core, Unit 404 can be considered a new spin on the “sliding block” genre. In order to traverse the levels, players must manipulate the powered blocks by sliding, rotating, pulling, and pushing them around.

The boxes cannot be manipulated freely, however, as each type of box follow certain rules. Some can be rotated, some can be pushed, and some will deactivate after you move them. Experimenting with the boxes is the only way forward.

While the game features no time limit pressure, these puzzles get devilishly hard and there is no hint system to fall back on, so Unit 404 is for those looking for a true mind-bending challenge!

Unit 404 is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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