Race on the world’s best superbikes in the official game of the 2014 eni FIM Superbike World Championship, and prepare yourself for some fast-paced racing action! The SBK14 Official Mobile Game is the closest you can get to riding these amazing bikes from the best motorcycle brands in the world. With our SBK14 Official Mobile Game cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide, you’ll be hugging turns and speeding down the raceways like a pro.

Gear up and hop on your bike because we’re about to take off with our SBK14 Official Mobile Game cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide!


Make sure Brake Assist is set to your liking!

If you open the options bar at the bottom right and tap on the motorcycle, you’ll open a list of configurations you can set. Turn indicators should always be on unless you want to handicap yourself, but the most important option is Brake Assist. Depending on what it’s set to, it’ll do different things.

  • Yes: When you’re approaching turns, your bike will automatically slow down to the recommended speed in order to take the turn safely.
  • Warning: When you’re approaching turns and your current speed is higher than recommended, your speedometer will tell you when you should brake.
  • No: Both automatic braking and warning indicators are disabled.

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend leaving it set to yes, as this will get you accustomed to the correct speeds you should be taking turns at. When you feel you’re comfortable enough at judging speeds on your own, go ahead and set it to Warning or No. This will help you achieve even faster times!

Quick taps of the brake are very effective!

If you’re using Warning or No as your brake assist, quick taps of the brake button are very effective when cornering turns. You’ll quickly realize that even that smallest decreases in speed help your bike turn vastly better, so if you master this technique you can turn efficiently while maintaining a good speed. Mastering this is key to getting fast times!

Hug the corners of turns as much as possible!

For the best turning, you want to be turning inward so much that you “flow” with the turn. Basically, you see those striped patterns on the corners of certain turns? Those serve as indicators of how well you’re taking the turn. You want to be as close as possible to these striped patterns so that you come out of the turn cleanly. Work on your turning skills!

Change the controls to your liking!

When you first play, the controls are defaulted to gyroscope controls, meaning you tilt your device left and right in order to steer. This feels surprisingly good to me, and it’s helpful for making precise turns. If it turns too slow or fast, try adjusting the sensitivity. Personally the virtual joystick option for steering didn’t work out too well, because I kept moving my finger too far off the slider and my racer would just immediately face forward. It was really bad, especially when he did it in the middle of turns. Experiment with the different control schemes and choose your favorite one!

Keep an eye on the minimap!

Even if you have turn indicators on, it’s always helpful to glance over to the minimap every so often. Doing so will keep your mind ready for turns coming up, so you’ll be one step ahead of the game!

Watch for other racers!

If you bump into other races when you’re going fast, you’ll wipe out! You’ll respawn a couple paces away from where you crashed. This costs a lot of time so be very careful of the other racers!

The racer/bike doesn’t matter! Just pick whoever!

For the longest time I was looking around at the racer selection screen to look for any indication of different stats or anything of the sort. There’s nothing! They’re all the same! So, pick whichever racer looks the coolest to you, haha!

Having trouble with a certain track? Practice!

Practice mode lets you freely run any of the tracks. This is helpful if you’re having trouble with particular turns, so if you’re having trouble getting good times in the tournament, come practice on the tracks!

That should cover everything for the superbikes. Remember, when it comes down to it, it’s all about tight corner hugs and smart braking. Have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below! Until next time, speedsters!




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