Savior Saga is an Idle RPG where your goal is to keep a girl, Yuina, safe from all the monsters. You assemble a team of heroes worthy of protecting her and you adventure into the search of the Dragon Heart. With our help, you will find it in no time, because we will give you the best Savior Saga tips and tricks to clear the levels and dungeons faster than you can imagine!

One thing you need to know, though, and that is the fact that this game is an Idle RPG. So while you go about your day, this game will carry on the mission. Your purpose is to make your characters strong enough to do all the monster beating as fast as possible, so let’s get into the Savior Saga cheats and tips:

Level up to become stronger

As you kill the monsters in game, you will be rewarded with crystals. These crystals, created by Yuina, can be turned into a material used for leveling up your characters. She will get some more crystals from time to time, but it’s best if you rely on the ones you get from monsters, because you get them more often.

Another way to get a lot of those crystals is to get them from a slime box. Those spawn randomly during your quest and they drop quite a lot of currency items.

Buy those boosts

When you saved enough crystals, you can buy some boosts that will help you clear the stages much faster. Some of these boosts help with the offline clear speed, and those are a must-get. They will help you progress even faster even when the game is not running. Another one you should get is the 2x battle speed boosts. They stack, and will make your progress increase by a lot.

Also, don’t forget about the Slime Box Upgrade! That will come in handy quite a lot in the long run!

The dream team

Assemble a team as you wish, but take into consideration the best synergy. It’s great if you have a tank, because only the damage dealers will not make it through the hardest levels. You will need constant damage and tankiness at the same time.

The best team composition, in my opinion, would be: Yuina (by default), Aaron, Amanda, Erica and Sonya. Once you reach level higher levels you can replace Amanda with Kitsune.

Game within a game

For limited times, the game will have some extra events running. Make sure you take part in those events because they give some nice and unique rewards. For example, the Rock, Paper, Scissors event, running until 27.11.2018. In this event, we have a tip for you: always pick scissors. Yuina rarely picks it, so it’s your best chance at winning. The worst you can get is a draw, when Yuina picks scissors too, and that happens quite rare.

Best friends forever

*or until the mission ends

The longer you keep a team together, the better your Party Power Level is. That increases as your characters get better and level up, and it gives better rewards in the long run. So keep your team together for as long as possible, and level them all up equally (or let the game do that for you).

Best weapons in game

In Savior Saga, there are 5 types of weapons: Neutral Quality, Rare Quality, Epic Quality, Legendary Quality and Artifact Quality. The lowest quality, Neutral, is not worth using (or leveling up), but until you get a better one, if you have no other choice, pick it. What you will aim to get is Artifact weapons. They have the best stats and are worth investing in.

To get weapons, you can buy a Box from the Shop. Here, you can choose between a Golden Box, a Platinum Box and a Devil’s Box. Always go for the juicy Devil’s Box. It contains an Artifact weapon, and it’s a sure thing that it will make your character better!

Daily rewards are the best

What’s better than logging in a game and seeing that you got some really nice loot? In Savior Saga, every day (for seven days) you get a different item for simply logging in. This loot is quite good, because on the seventh day you’ll get an astounding 10000 gems!

So, even if you don’t plan on playing yourself for one day, and just let your heroes do their thing, log in to collect those because it will be worth it!

Go explore the dungeons!

It’s an idle RPG, so it’s not like you will have to do a whole lot of work. But if you want a little more adventure, you should go check those dungeons because they are a great source for Cleansing Crystals, weapons and Gems.

In Temple of Souls, you will get (obviously) souls and Cleansing Crystals that help level up and rank up your characters.

In Tomb of Weapons, as the name implies, you get weapons of increasing quality, up to Artifact Quality.

In the Riot Mine you can collect lots of Weapon Enhancers and Gems.

As you progress through these, their loots quality gets better. So take advantage of those dungeon keys you get and go explore!

These conclude today’s article on Savior Saga tips and tricks. We hope you will find the Dragon Heart soon and if you have other tips for your fellow players, leave them down in the comments below!

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