The world has been taken over by the mysterious “Clicky” virus, and you are the only one capable of putting an end to it with your trusty calculator! Your brand spanking new SM-1K model calculator comes with a personal assistant named Dot, and the two of you are the only thing that is in the way of the world’s end.

Calculator 2: The Game is a pretty unique game, if you could not already tell based on that premise alone. Dot will present players with various math calculations that involve defending the world in some manner, and you will need to utilize the SM-1K to solve them.

You will start off with rather simple equations that you can solve on your own, but the Clicky virus is constantly on the move. To chase it, you will need to assist Dot with more complex problems, including various problems that must be solved in specific steps.

Calculator 2: The Game might not seem like it, but it is almost an education game disguised as a real game. While there is still a lot of fun to be had, your critical thinking and math skills will be put to the ultimate test!

Grab your SM-1K and get ready to save the world! Calculator 2: The Game is available now on the App Store.

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