When the baby radishes disappear from the vegetable patch one morning, it is up to one hero to travel the world to find and rescue his children: the one and only Dadish, a radish who is also a father! Clever name, right?

Dadish is a bright and colorful 2D platformer that anyone can pick up and play. Developed by Thomas Young, the creator of Super Fowlst, Dadish aims to also capture the simple and carefree feeling of cutesy platformers of yesteryear.

Join Dadish as he travels through 40 different levels in search of his lost children using simple touch screen controls that have no buttons on screen. Dadish will come across fast-food baddies that are trying to wipe out the veggies, and he needs your help to avoid them!

Dadish is inviting enough for anyone to play, but the levels get very challenging as you progress through the game. Dadish will eventually have to face-off with four massive bosses who want to put an end to his journey.

Will you save the baby radishes? With collectibles and secrets to discover, Dadish’s adventure will be a long one. The game is scheduled for a February 12, 2020 release on the App Store.


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