I’ve played my fair share of tower defense games and protected all your bases that are belong to us (never heard this?) in fantasy lands, futuristic landscapes and even on pieces of paper. But I have never protected my home planet from invading critters, and this is exactly what I am going to do in Critters, Inc. Hopefully you will decide to do the same, because we simply can’t let Earth fall!

Critters, Inc took real maps of real world locations like the tower of Pisa, the Sphinx, Machu Picchu and so on and turned them into digitally enhanced locations where we will have to fight against critter invaders like dragons, crabs and so on with our armies of cute puppies and rabbits (and so on).

Despite its cuteness, Critters, Inc for iPhone is a really solid tower defense game and the level of depth is satisfying for all players, be them new to the genre or veterans. The good thing is that the game is available free of charge from the iTunes store and you should download it as soon as possible.


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