SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


A virus outbreak (it’s always a virus, isn’t it?) on a trans-federation planet turns horrors into reality. Gear up and get ready to blast some zombies! SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a twin-stick shooter that pits you in the shoes as one of the SAS Special Forces, an elite squadron with a variety of skills. Blast some creepy crawlies, and grab some awesome loot! Get ready to fight off the undead with our SAS: Zombie Assault 4 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Choose the class that fits your playstyle!

There are three classes to choose from when you’re creating your SAS soldier.

  • The Assault class is a balanced mixture of offense and defense. Their first skill gives them a temporary speed boost (fire rate, movement speed, and reload speed), and they have access to a melee knife.
  • The Medic class focuses on defending and helping your teammates. They have a variety of support skills, such as their ability to drop med packs for anyone to pick up. They also have armor buffs and revive reduction skills.
  • The Heavy class is a hard hitter that emphasizes pure damage and brute strength. Their first skill increases their damage so as long as they’re standing still, and they have increased defense skills. You can even start pushing around enemies to do damage!

If you want to be on the frontlines, pick Heavy. If you want to do supplemental damage and have access to utility options, pick Assault. If you want to stay in the back and support your team, pick Medic!

2. Augment your equipment!

Sometimes, equipment you find will have augment slots on them. You can add special bonuses to your equipment through these augment slots. For example, armor can be fitted with general defense protection, or heat or toxic resistance, and so forth. Weapons can be fitted with offensive bonuses, such as increased damage. If you manage to find a piece of equipment that has slots, augment it!

3. Create your own barricades!

Usually, there are a bunch of boxes lying around the levels. If you run into these boxes, you can actually push them around! This is great if you move these to chokepoints, as it’ll buy you some time and cover to fend off the horde. For example, on the very first level, “Onslaught,” there are two gates. The enemies spawn behind the gates, but they have to break them down in order to get to you. If you push the boxes in front of the gates, they’ll have two obstacles to get through!

4. Manually reload!

If you notice your clip is low, be sure to manually reload before a fire fight starts! Don’t get caught in the middle of the battle with an empty clip!

5. Don’t forget about the SAS skills!

Regardless of whatever class you pick, you also have access to the general SAS skills. These skills give you basic stat boosts, such as increased health, defense, attack power, movement speed, etc. Try to pick the skills that work in tandem with your class specific skills. For example, I played as a Medic most of the time, so I got the increased energy regeneration skill. This helped me put down more med packs, keeping my team nice and healthy.

6. Stay on the move!

Keep still is a quick way to lose a lot of health. In this game, moving around a lot is key. Most of the enemies are melee attackers, which means they need to get up close and personal in order to any damage to you. Backpedal and firing is a good way to pick off big hordes of enemies.

7. Watch for the blue arrow on the minimap!

It’s a bit tiny so you might miss it at first, but there’s a blue arrow on your minimap at the top left. If you follow this arrow, it’ll point you to your next objective. If you’re lost at any time, just refer to the arrow!

Now get out there and blast the undead, but most importantly, survive! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Nice Tip but I have a question:
    1)which aguments are good for which type of guns?
    2)A Heavys movement is very low so I die every time. What should I do?

    • Biosynthesis because it help your health regenerate another one is the movement mod it helps you move faster.
      It also depends on what gun you are using like the shockfield. I play sas4 alot if you see the name Ghost Killer it will be me.

    • On medic, I suggest that you choose Medkit, Biocleanse Bomb, Critical Shot and also a little spend on Energy Regen and Choose anything you want if you have a point. That the best of my suggest though, Biocleanse Bomb slow your target also weak their defenses by 50%, and you smash them real quick with Critical shot which kill faster by using a fast guns.

    • 1) you have 2 primaries so I recommend you to use one to kill a horde of weak zombie so biosynthesis on a weapon with good pierce (explosives, shotguns, flamethrowers) and capacity, last one or two slots use to get rid of weapon’s weaknesses,
      the second with mass damage per second to kill bosses, upgrade clip size, fire rate and damage, make 4th slot for adaptive it is useful for resistant bosses
      2) conclusion skill OP

  2. It Depends on what You are Eventually using , problem is I’m not a Heavy but if i were you ,I’d start making augments on skeletonized most likely,that’ll decrease your weight of your machine gun …AND DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR DAMAGE ON THAT MG . THE GUN ALREADY IS DESIGNED TO CAUSE CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION.And also augmentize your reload timing if Ya have an extra slot.Thats for ur class and mg.If that doesn’t help much ,wear equipments which’ll increase ur speed.
    For my class,I use different weapons at different missions.For eg:when i farm i keep a red weapon,a hazchem pistol and a rocket launcher.When on defense,i keep a thermal ,a mg,and a shotgun and sometimes rocket launcher.This ma Assault class.
    And as for the Medic…I have no experience on that,gud luck for u medics

    • It might be good for Damage+Weight reduce+Fire rate Sub-Light Com2, Capacity+Pierce+Pinpoint Shot lite Tempest, or Damage+Adaptive+Biosynthesis Supermarine, as guns, and the full
      Hummingbird, Medusa or weight reduced Hardplate as armor. Being Assault class means you run around a lot and of course the class that do most damage and also takes big amount of damage on the run in some missions.

    • Guns: When on PC use RIA Trident or Black Hornet ( High Crits only), on android use a Black Sub-light COM2 or Black Hornet ( High Crits only).
      Armor: Head (Titan IRN HUD), Vest (Rubicon Power Assist), Gloves (Titan IDS 01), Pants (R7 Guardian Pants), and the Boots (Titan MEM Sprint).
      Aug on Guns: Damage, Overclocked, Capacity, and PinPoint.
      Aug effects on Armors: Big Health, HP Regen Faster, Move Very Quick, Fast Reloading, Doom of Damage also Huge Crits.
      I put full points on Adrenaline, Killing Spree, and Critical Shot. A few points on Deadly Force and some points for Body Armor Expert.
      You will see that the enemy dead on few shots and easily defeat the crowds although they may have some defense effects. OP, check it out when you already on lvl 100. I check that, so great but I lost my acc.

  3. If you are a heavy don’t worry about being slow for the first 20 levels, however staying fast is key. I do have all three characters and heavy is my favorite. In the first 5 player ranks you won’t need speed. However once past that point there will be armor that takes off speed as well as your gun. My equipment was powerful but i had a speed of -50 percent. Half the speed of the starting character. Some tips for moving after during levels5-20 keep a pistol on standby.that way you can switch weapons when running. Another smart move would be to do contracts to gain turrents. Speed does ant matter when you have a turrents. Also devote skill points to Heath in beginning, probably three or four but after that devoting it to passive skills and armor is best. Regen is not bad either, and always have a little stored in for money. Money is very important when you hit level thirty because all objects such as gernades and turrents increase in cost by over 500%. If you need any other tips just ask. You can trust me because the first event I won partook of was at level 16 and I was in the 2% percent range. I have played for 4 days and have a level thirty heavy. Level 15 medic and 15 assault.

    • Actually, medic are good as frontlines as long as it have lots of energy, health and big weapon damage output, and this mostly applies for lvl 25+ medics. I have a really strong lvl 40 medic with all 12 grade and 4 star black weapons (The poison pistol(forgot it’s name), Starburst, and Sub light com 2). It performs pretty well on front lines of battle (expecially when rushing and I still retain full health on the end). I know, I used medic the WRONG way, but it’s more effective and efficient time saving this way. Isn’t it said level 30+ ranks are FIELD SURGEON and OCMBAT MEDIC? <—READ AGAIN! IT IS SAID "FIELD" AND "COMBAT"! THAT MEANS LEVEL 30+ ARE MEANT AS ON THE RUN MEDICS LOL!

  4. I’M A LEVEL 81 Assault based on my overall experience In the early level keep upgrading your Health it will help you survive a lot more games…and my character is lightly armored but it has incredible speed +89% so no any zombies cant hit me unless cornered…let’s talk about the gun in early level “CRITiCAL MASSES gun are well overall good good choice but in higher level you need a gun with atleast 3-4 pierce with a damage of 800-1200 and a rate of fire of 15-20 rps well i uses MixMaster (black) fully augmented! Deals 1647dmg per hit double because the gun fires 2 shells so it deals 3294dmg per second x 32 because my gun fires 32rps x 4 again because it has 4 peirce IMO mixmaster ia the best assault gun followed by shock…my skills focuses on Health, Speed, Sas skill, and the most important the Stim Shot make it to level 15 so anytime your health goes down to 15% it will rise to 95%

  5. My loadout on :
    Lvl 40 Advanced Combat Medic
    Rancor poison pistol BLACK grade 12 star 4
    (Dmg 440-1660/s,91 ammo in a clip, Pierce is 3,reloading time 1.1s, 4rps,Biosynthesis)
    CM Starburst BLACK grade 12 star 4
    (dmg 2860,240 ammo per clip, Pierce is 4,reload time 0.8s, 7rps)
    CM Sub Light COM2 BLACK grade 12 star 4
    (dmg 5580,122 ammo per clip, Pierce is 5,reload time 1.2s, 5rps)

  6. I don’t know what the movement mod mean does it increase or drecreas movement speed, my gun has -10.04 or something I don’t know if it makes me fast or something. please help!!!

    • Movement mod means you will lost your speed ( If you know what I means thats very awful) also you get easily get killed if Movement speed on minus, Just get a Plus Armor like Titan MEM Sprint or Rubicon Power Assist. You should avoid a high movement mod like some Heavy Machine Gun also movement mod on Good protection but huge minus on movement speed, they quite powerful but also make your move slower.

  7. I am medic lvl 68 and I I have 5 black strong boxes +3 black strong boxes that I lost.I dont know how to get a balck key.I take a part in events and night mare but I havent ever scored a black key.what should I do??

    • there is a black key reward for augmenting your weapons so just augment your weapons alot. Also look at rewards in events as there might be black key rewards

    • Use high roller perk in night mare games. I am also a medic and the first time I got black key is when I open a nantonium strongbox from night mare when I use the high roller perk.


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