Welcome to Sandship, the factory crafting game. Set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe, players assume the role of a person piloting the last known “sandship” to man. Sandships are massive mobile factories with AI cores controlling everything and anything in the ship.

After a mysterious event forces the sandship out of hibernation, you find yourself stranded on a strange planet that is covered in seemingly endless stretches of desert. As your sandship rolls across the sands, you will search for valuable minerals and materials to create your own factory.

Sandship takes heavy cues from games like Factorio, where efficiency is the name of the game. Inside the sandship players can layout their own production line full of cranes, conveyor belts, and more. After picking up raw minerals, you will need to refine them using various facilities that you build.

As you gain more materials, you will be able to build more space on the sandship, allowing you to create more complex materials. Trade materials and refined goods to the local civilization to earn credits and learn more about the ancient history of the planet. There is much more to this planet than meets the eye…

Sandship also features a sandbox mode where you can try out new setups and buildings without having to worry about resources. You can also try your hand out at pre-made puzzles, and you can even share them with other players online.

Sandship is schedule for a May 7, 2020 release on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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