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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beat Bosses 9 – 16

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beat Bosses 9 – 16

Gotta get back, get back to the past! Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack battles his way to get back to his true time in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, a new hack and slash game for Apple Arcade.

Last week, Touch Tap Play covered the first half of the game with a guide on how to beat all of the bosses. Today, we will be covering the last half of the game, bringing Jack’s journey to an end. Time to put an end to Aku with our Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time tips and tricks guide to beat bosses 9 – 16!

Boss 9: Golem

This massive ancient construct of the ruined city will come to life and attack Jack once he reaches the heart of the city.

The Golem’s main method of attack is to try to stomp on you and hurl boulders at you. Try not to stay too far away from it as this will encourage the boulder toss move. Get close and get in a few hits then move out of the way before he crushes you.

The Golem will go down with enough hits, opening up to big damage. He is not too tricky to deal with, so take your time, get your hits in, and you should be fine.

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Boss 10: Demongo Rematch 3

That pestering summoner is back once more, and this time he… is exactly the same as last time. The fight follows the same flow – defeat his minions, crush the orbs they leave behind, and start attacking Demongo when he is stunned on the floor.

Boss 11: Scaramouche

Scaramouche, the mysterious robot, will challenge Jack at the end of the ruined city. Scaramouche is similar to Demongo as he will summon additional enemies for Jack to fight throughout the battle.

When Scaramouche is on the ground and just walking around, get up in his face and deal as much damage as you can. His own attacks are not too dangerous, so do not worry about counterattacks.

Once he takes enough damage he will leap into the background of the arena and summon enemies. Take them out as fast as you can to ensure you do not get overwhelmed.

Boss 12: Demongo Rematch 4

Demongo shows up in the prison ship to fend off Jack from reaching Aku. Once again, no real new moves to show from Demongo. Take out the summoned enemies, destroy the orbs, and dodge all the stuff Demongo throws at you.

Boss 13: Lazarus 92

In the core of the prison ship lies the dangerous alien life form Lazarus 92. It is a mass of leech-like creatures that form one single organism.

Lazarus will swipe at you when you are close and spew acid at you when you are far. His close range swipe attack is always a three hit combo, so back off and wait for all three swings to come out, then move in to counterattack.

Avoid stay too far away from him as he will opt to use his spew attack which is a little harder to dodge.

Lazarus will escape, but you will encounter him again later in the prison ship. This second phase is a little different, as Lazarus will mainly use his spew attack.

This time around Lazarus will spawn leeches whenever he uses the spew attack. The leeches will chase after Jack, so make sure to take them out as soon as you see them.

Boss 14: Ashi

Ashi is corrupted by Aku, and now you must knock her out of her possessed form. Ashi is one of the most challenging bosses yet, so be prepared for a fight!

Ashi has two gap closers at her disposal. If you are too far away from her she will shoot laser beams that come out very fast, or she will leap into the air and slam her blade into the ground. Finally, she can just rush Jack while dragging her sword along the ground.

Ashi’s melee moves are just as dangerous. If you see her raise both of her arms into the air for a brief moment, she is about to unleash her fire nova. Ashi thrusts her blade into the ground three times, each time causing a massive explosion. Sometimes she will do this move without any warning, so be on guard!

Ashi can also throw in a low sweeping kick to throw you off. It is pretty easy to see coming so make sure to block it.

Ashi will also block a lot during the fight. You can try to overwhelm her by continuously attacking, but watch out for counterattacks.

Boss 15: Demongo Finale

Demongo will show up one last time in Aku’s tower. He will summon the most powerful minions to take you out, but they are still just regular enemies so it is not too bad.

Demongo is sporting much more health this time around, so the fight will go on for longer than usual. Demongo himself will also much more resistant to stun, so you will need to attack him a lot with ranged weapons if you want to bring him down.

Boss 16: Aku

The final showdown is here. Jack reaches the top of Aku’s Tower where he must come face to face with his destiny.

Aku will start the fight in a normal, human-sized form. He will wiggle around comically, but he will also reel back and stretch far to attack Jack. Do not underestimate his range! He can also use a flamethrower attack, but it is pretty slow and easy to see coming.

During the fight Aku will periodically spawn shadow ninjas to distract you, so make sure not to get caught off guard. Deal them quickly.

After dealing enough damage, Aku will morph into his shadow form where he will become impervious to attack. He will use different attacks in this form, one of which is a shadowy area that becomes covered in spikes. If you see a black spot appear below you, move out of the way quickly!

Another attack is where he covers the whole arena in pillars of flame, which come in through the black spots, so once again dodge them to stay safe.

After the shadow phase Aku will reappear and grow in size. His flamethrower attack becomes actually dangerous, as it has far reach. He can also unleash a fire nova attack which must be jumped over.

Aku will gain lots of armor has his health drops, so stay on the move and wait for your openings. Keep on the attack, and Aku will finally be defeated!

Congratulations! You have completed Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. Enjoy the ending and watch the credits roll. You can now try for the game’s achievements or try for the secret ending where you must collect all of the Emperor Kamon coins.

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