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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beat Bosses 1 – 8

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Guide: Tips & Tricks To Beat Bosses 1 – 8

Gotta get back, get back to the past! Cartoon Network’s magic sword wielding samurai has finally made his way to iOS with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, a 3D hack and slash adventure starring everyone’s favorite time traveling samurai. Play as Jack and fight your way through iconic moments from the animated series, and see the conclusion to Jack’s journey through time!

Let us get back to the past with today’s Touch Tap Play tips and tricks guide on Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. In our guide we will show you how to handle all of the beginning bosses, so let’s get started with our Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time tips and tricks guide to beat bosses 1 – 8!

Boss 1: The Scotsman

Jack’s long time friend shows up to be the first major encounter of the game, and he is under the influence of Aku. You will need to fight him to break the curse!

Being the first boss, the Scotsman is not too bad, but do not let your guard down! He will relentlessly charge Jack and attempt to cut him down.

Despite this, you will want to try to keep close to him. If Jack is too far away from the Scotsman, he will unleash his hidden gatling gun that covers a large amount of ground and is hard to see coming. Stay close to the Scotsman to discourage him from using this attack, though he can still do it from time to time to be on guard!

Attack the Scotsman as normal and block his counter attacks. You may notice that the Scotsman will absorb some of your blows as indicated by a blue hexagon symbol – do not worry, just keep the pressure on and eventually you will break his stance.

Be careful when the Scotsman starts glowing! During this time he will raise his sword up to the sky, then slam the ground causing a massive shockwave. When you see him lift his sword up, be sure to dodge out of the way – do not try to block it!

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Boss 2: Beetle Drones

At the end of Boon’s Castle Jack will be surrounded by a horde of Beetle Drones. Though they are many, they are still pretty fragile so you should be able to take them out with relative ease.

Two larger Beetle Drones will then appear – one with red eyes and the other with blue eyes. Despite their bigger size, these guys are pretty easy to take down. They really only have one attack and that is to charge you, which is easy to dodge.

Be aggressive with your attacks and the Beetle Drones will get stunned easily, which allows you to go to town on them. You will even get to use their scythe arms as weapons when you defeat one!

When both of them are defeated, they will combine into one massive drone using Aku’s magic. In addition to the charge, the big drone has new swipe attacks that can catch you off guard, so be ready to block. The drone still staggers easily when you attack it rapidly, so keep the pressure on.

Boss 3: Demongo

Demongo will float around the cave in the air, rendering melee attacks ineffective. You can pelt Demongo with your ranged weapon of choice if you like, which deals a little bit of damage.

Demongo will spawn monsters in during the fight to distract you, so dispatch them quickly. Demongo shares his life force with the monsters, so whenever you take one out he takes a bit of damage.

Take out all of the monsters and Demongo will be stunned, sending him down to the ground. This your chance to unleash massive damage upon him!

Boss 4: Lava Monster

The once great king has turned into a giant, hulking Lava Monster, and now he must be put out of his misery.

Although he looks fierce, the Lava Monster is a pretty easy boss. The main strategy here is to stay between his legs. Most of his attacks are wide sweeping motions, which leaves you vulnerable if you are far away from him.

The only attack you need to watch out for when you are under him is his stomp attack. If you see him bend down, dodge out of the way because he will jump up and slam the ground. Keep the pressure on and eventually he will kneel down, allowing you to go in for massive damage.

Boss 5: Demongo Rematch

Demongo will show up in the cemetery to challenge Jack once again. He has a few new tricks up his sleeve this time around, but the battle remains largely unchanged.

Demongo can now shoot lightning orbs at Jack, and if they hit him they will stun him for a few seconds. Keep an eye on Demongo to make sure that you do not get blindsided.

Demongo will summon monsters just like before, but this time they will leave behind little translucent orbs. You have to break these orbs to damage Demongo, and breaking enough of them will stun him. You can also pelt him with ranged attacks as usual.

Boss 6: Hag Witch

The true ruler of the cemetery, the Hag Witch will challenge Jack after he defeats Demongo.

The Hag Witch dominates the battlefield with large, magical attacks. Her main attack is to rise into the air and dive downward at Jack at alarming speeds, so be ready to block or dodge.

She can also drag in energy to perform a firestorm attack which shoots flames in all the direction. If you see her charging up, it is a good idea to create some distance between Jack and her.

One of her most deadly attack is a laser cutter attack where she shoots a power laser beam into the ground and spin around. This attack comes out very fast and is hard to see coming – your only tell is that she will lift into air a little bit and her hands will ignite for a brief moment. Dodge away if you see her do this!

She can be stunned, as is the case with most of the bosses, so get in as many hits as you can and dodge to safety when you need to.

Boss 7: Josephine and Zeke

Jack must face the bounty hunter duo Josephine and Zeke onboard their train. This is a unique boss fight where Jack must advance along the train where he will be challenged by Zeke several times.

Zeke is a fairly easy opponent to take down. His main attacks are forward charging melee attacks, including a pretty cool attack where he charges his gauntlet and slams the ground, unleashing beams around him. He will also fire bullets out of his gauntlet.

Keep the pressure on with rapid attacks, and eventually he will try to block. You can break through his guard with low attacks, so switch up your weapons if your current one is not working.

Zeke will flee the scene once he is low on health. He will show up to challenge you two more times, and during the final fight he will be joined by Josephine. She will pelt you with bullets from afar, so listen for the audio cues to know when she is about to fire.

Try to focus on one them – it is better to get rid of one completely rather than split your damage between them. The faster you get rid of one of them, the easier the fight will be.

Boss 8: Demongo Rematch 2

Demongo will show up once more when Jack reaches the top of the ruined city. Yet again, the fight remains largely the same as you will still need to damage the orbs left behind the monsters he summons.

He has only one new attack this time around and that is to summon small thunder bolts to strike you. You can see where they are going to appear, so simply move out of the way as you are fighting his monsters.

And that is all for the first half of the bosses in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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