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Samurai Flash Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beating All Levels

Samurai Flash Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beating All Levels

Become a master samurai in Samurai Flash, a new easy to pick up and play game from Supersonic Games! Fight your way through to the finish line as you slice and dice any enemy that dares to stand in your way. With time stopping abilities on your side, there is no physical force that can stand up to your might!

In our Samurai Flash tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how to get lots of money. Samurai Flash is a pretty straightforward game, but there are some small things here and there that you need to pay attention to. Let’s get started with our Samurai Flash cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to beating all levels!

Slice and Dice

In Samurai Flash, your main objective is to take out as many enemies as you can and then reach the checkered finish line. You tap and drag along the screen to move, and your samurai will run with their swords out.

You can slice up enemies by running your blade into them, or you can simply run into them yourself and they will also be knocked out. Enemies that are holding melee weapons like bats, chairs, etc, are not really a threat and you can run into them freely.

Enemies that are using guns however are much more dangerous. When you are moving around, they will fire bullets at you, so be careful not to run into one.

All projectiles are marked with a red trail. You can actually slice up projectiles as if they were enemies by running your blades into them, but not yourself for obvious reasons!

Guns are pretty straightforward, as the bullets will straight. Watch out for the enemies that throw shurikens though – they can bounce off of walls at angles making them tricky to avoid in closed corridors.

Do Not Forget to Time Stop

An important technique to remember is that time only moves when you do. If you stop moving your samurai, time will slow to a crawl before it completely stops. All enemies and projectiles stop moving as well.

If you a second to think your next plan of attack, then simply lift your finger from the screen. It is easy to forget that you have this ability in the middle of battle, but it can save your life if you get overwhelmed.

You will not need to do it that much early on in the game, but once you get to the harder fights you will need to time stop a lot to dodge lots of projectiles.

Taking out Bosses

Every fourth level you will go up against a boss, an enemy that is using a special, unique weapon of some sort. Most of the boss fight is figuring out how to get to the boss in the first place while dodging all the stuff they shoot at you.

Remember that your time stopping ability still works even during boss fights, so do not be afraid to take things slow. The boss arenas are often setup in ways where you will need to carefully weave in and out of their line of sight, and time stopping helps a lot.

Use the Environment to your Advantage

If there are too many projectiles heading your way and you need to take cover, keep an eye out for pillars and boxes and the like. You can hide behind these for a while to take a breather, but be careful not to accidentally destroy them, which is very easy to do.

You will also come across explosive barrels. You can slice through these with your blades to make them explode, killing anything nearby, except you somehow!

These barrels are often setup in ways where you can take advantage of their explosive power relatively easily, so be sure to destroy them on sight. There is no reason not to leave them just sitting around.

Rescue the Hostages

Eventually you will start to encounter hostages. The hostages are unarmed, and they will die if they come in contact with an enemy or if they are hit by a projectile.

To save a hostage, you simply have to cut down the enemy that is currently going after the hostage. Remember to use your time stopping ability to buy yourself some time and assess the situation.

Be careful – you can accidentally kill the hostages if you are careless enough! They can collide with your blades just like normal enemies can, so take care not to get too close to them. Just kill their kidnappers and move on.

New Blades and Skins

All of that hard earned cash can be spent on fancy new skins and blades for your samurai. All of these options are purely cosmetic – they do not change the way you play the game or anything, they just look really cool!

New blades can be purchased at any point at the beginning of a level. As long as you have the cash, you can purchase the skins. They all have different looks, so pick the one that stands out to you!

Skins, however, are a different matter. Before they can be purchased they must be unlocked, and they are unlocked by playing through the game. You probably noticed at the end of each level a character gauge fills up – this represents your progress towards unlocking a new skin.

Every level you beat is worth 10%, and when you hit 100%, the skin will unlock and you can now purchase it!

Jumping to New Platforms

On some levels, the level will be broken up by multiple platforms. To progress through the level, you may have to make a jump across one platform to another.

If you run off a platform, your samurai will slowly begin to descend. You can still activate your time stopping ability even when you are in free fall if you need to find out where you are going.

In fact, we recommend doing this because often times the game will make you do a blind jump, where you are forced to go off a platform but you cannot see immediately where you need to move to next.

All in all, you should not have too much trouble with this because your samurai’s falling speed is very slow, so you have ample time to get to where you need to be.

That’s all for Samurai Flash! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Samurai Flash Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beating All Levels


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