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Sailor Cats Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Sailor Cats Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

These are the cutest pirates you’ve ever seen! Sailor Cats is a fishing game mixed in with small idle game elements. Lead a crew of furry little fisher kitties traveling the world in search of legendary treasure! Get ready to fish up lots of treasure with the help of our Sailor Cats cheats and tips.

Sailor Cats is a cute and cuddly game, perfect for relaxing while honing your timing skills. Let’s get started with our Sailor Cats cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep opening bottles!

Throughout your adventure, you’re going to come across a LOT of bottles, and we mean a LOT. You will very quickly fill up your three slots, at which point you will just have to let anymore you see float away. Bottles will start to open as soon as you grab them, so you don’t have to manually start their timers.

Green bottles usually reward you with some coins and wood, while the sparkly pink bottles sometimes have shells in them, the premium currency of the game. If you see a pink bottle, we recommend clearing space for it!

Save your shells for new cats!

Shells are very hard to come by, so we recommend holding onto them for unlocking new cats. When a cat box is delivered to you through Ameowzon, you will need to pay a shell fee before you can open the box.

You can only earn shells from the shiny bottles, rare fishing spots (you’ll see water droplets flying out of the water), daily missions, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Wait for fishing rod repairs!

Whenever you cast, your cat’s fishing rod’s loses some durability. Once durability hits zero percent, the rod will break and your cat will be heartbroken! That’s okay though, it’ll fix itself right up in a couple of hours. You simply need to wait! However, you can pay shells to instantly repair it. We don’t recommend this considering how rare shells are, so it’s usually better to just wait for your rod to repair itself!

Always fish on the bubbly spots!

When a rare fishing spot spawns, you’ll see it appear all bubbly on the surface. You might find a large source of wood, coins, or even shells sometimes! Always try to go for these if you see them, but also remember that you can use a special bait to make it easier for yourself.

The double bait is especially useful if you’re trying to get a bunch of wood or better yet shells. Just keep in mind that bait is very rarely rewarded to you, and the only other way to get more is to buy some with real money.

Keep upgrading your boat!

Everytime you upgrade your boat, you’ll gain one more slot for another cat. That means more coins for you earned automatically over time! You will need a lot of coins and wood to upgrade your boat, so keep fishing, spinning the wheel of fortune, completing your daily missions, and fishing in those rare spots!

That’s all for Sailor Cats! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Sailor Cats Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I had all 4 cats on the ocean and then for some reason all but the main ones got put in a box and it wants me to pay 15 gems for it. I’ve already paid for them in the past and I don’t have that many gems! What do I do?

  2. I have all of the islands and all of the cats.. when will the game expand.. I don’t want to think that Im done it’s a lot of fun! We need more kitties and more islands please!!!


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