Saber’s Edge was one of our recommended new games released this week and I am sure that if you followed our advice and got the game, you got instantly hooked. We’re talking about a mixture of match-three mechanics with RPG and collecting elements, a surprisingly pleasant experience overall. And we’re here to help make it even better by sharing with you a bunch of Saber’s Edge cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide to help you get started and get the most out of the game.

So if you’re looking to unlock all heroes, learn a few tricks or just make sure you haven’t missed anything in terms of rules, read on for our Saber’s Edge cheats, tips and tricks below!

Always check your enemies before a fight
Early on, this doesn’t matter too much, but eventually things will get more complicated and knowing what kind of enemy you’re fighting against will help a lot. And it’s really easy to do: before starting a mission, all you have to do is to tap the enemies shown under your team and that’s it! Now pick fighters that have class bonuses against them and your chances of winning will improve drastically.

Keep a balanced team
Even though class advantages are important, as stated above, the type of heroes you have in your team matters a lot. Make sure that you always have a healer with you. Also, going with a high damage dealer or Tank is a good idea. Experiment and find out what the best combinations are and use them!

Complete the Daily Bounties
The easiest way to get all the bonuses and goodies is by completing the daily missions: make sure you do so every day in order to progress through the game as fast as possible.

Master the way of attacking
Having the right team is not the only thing you need in order to win a battle – there are other things that matter as well. When it comes to attacking, you have to do it the right way:

– focus on destroying enemies one at a time. Dealing damage to all of them is good and you should perform the matches that deal damage to all enemies, but focus your single strike attacks on a single target. Why? Because a troop with 1 health point left still deals damage to your units, but one that’s been destroyed no longer does.
– look for special matches. The special symbols give you various effects and using them at the right time can change the tides of a battle!
– use combos that continue on adjacent sides of the moves cube. Whenever you see an arrow over a tile, it means that you can continue that match to another side of the cube. You can tilt your device to the left and right to see these sides and you should always take advantage of them because you basically get an extra attack for free.

Upgrade & Equip Your Characters
Good characters become even better as you upgrade them and equip them with great gear. You get the gear from the treasure chests you can get for free or buy in the store and you can upgrade existing gear to make it even better. Then, you can equip it to your characters and once you complete the full set, you can promote that character so he or she gets better stats. Have in mind that more than one hero can use the same type of equipment, so plan your upgrades accordingly and always start equipping the hero you want to upgrade first.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade the skills of your heroes. The Skill level can’t be greater than the level of your Hero and the golden rule of thumb is to try and keep those levels maxed at all times. This will also prove to be extremely expensive, so again start with your strongest characters first.

How to unlock more characters in Saber’s Edge
You need to collect character cards in order to be able to unlock them and it will take a while until you will get them all. You get character cards by completing missions and unlocking Heroic Packs. For the Heroic Packs, you should always go for the sets of 30 keys because the guaranteed rewards are much better.

Grind on older missions!
If you need more coins or equipment – or when you reach that point when you can no longer progress through the campaign missions, it’s time to do some grinding. Complete missions that you have already completed over and over again, level up your heroes, their skills and items. That’s the only way to do it, but it’s really fun!

These would be for now our Saber’s Edge tips and tricks. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


  1. I have almost zero understanding of the forge and equipment. I’ve tried to craft equipment that my team can take advantage of, for instance I have a guy who shoots a rifle. But I have no way of getting a rifle I’ve just enhanced in the forge into his hands.

    It isn’t fun when you don’t even know how to play and feel like u r just being played.

  2. Same here. The equipment mechanic – is a most idiotic thing, nobody doesnt know how to equip a hero, or how to change it?!
    I unlock a hero: I want to equip him in tier 4 items, coz I have them, but he show s me like he can equip just tier 1(trash) items… stupid.

  3. You can only equip items that your hero is ready for — on the “equipment” tab you can see what items that particular hero needs. You have to do it in levels — you can’t just jump to tier 4. So don’t upgrade items in the forge until you know what your hero needs.

  4. I don’t know where the actual daily quests are. all I see are the main quests, in the “section” of the map, and the only other option is “shop” I have no idea where the “Daily” quests are found. Quite irritating.


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