Feeling lost for words in Ruzzle Adventure? If so, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this Ruzzle Adventure Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide to learn averything there is to know about this game and always have the right to say at the right moment.

Ruzzle Adventure is a word building game developed by MAG Interactive. During the course of the game, you will have to link letters together to spell words. Doing so will allow you to earn points and escape from traps. It’s a really simple game, to tell the truth, but the experience is so engaging that gamers will definitely not mind.

Still, some gamers may want to know some pointers before setting out so here are some useful tips and tricks for Ruzzle Adventure.

  • Size

In Ruzzle Adventure the size of the words hardly matters when talking about score. The words that will net you higher scores are the ones including letters with high values and multiplier bonuses so make sure to include these letters as much as possible. Even though the word may be short, it will net you more points than longer words made up with letters with low values and no multiplier bonuses.

A good way to make points in Ruzzle Adventure so to plan ahead so that values and mulitpliers increase as much as possible before the letter is used. The longer the letter stays on the grid, the higher its value will be. The multiplier bonus will increase so it’s better to wait up until the very last moment to use these letters.

  • Repeated Words

In Ruzzle Adventure you cannot use the same word twice during the same round. It’s possible, however, to slightly work around this limitation by using plurals, which are considered as a different word than the singular form in the game.

  • Tiles Types

Other than the regular tile type, Ruzzle Adventure features wood and stone tiles. The wood ones aren’t that problematic, as they need to be used two times to disappear, but the stone ones are, since you need to use them several times to get rid of them. Make sure to use them as much as possible in your words to take them out as soon as possible.




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