Runway Life Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for the Best Agency


Runway Life is a pretty unique game that Pocket Gems have launched on iOS-powered platforms, one in which you take control of a new supermodel agency and try to work your way to the top. With some really nice features and player interactions, this is a game to keep an eye on! But we’re here to talk more about some Runway Life cheats, tips and strategies to use in game in order to progress faster and easier, to sign all the super models and get the most out of this amazing game.

So if you seem to progress to slowly, or you simply want some extra ideas on how to improve your game, check out our Runway Life tips and cheats below!

1. Vote constantly
One of the nicest features of the game is that the results of your photo shootings are decided by other players. You can and should be the judge too: every 30 minutes, you get the chance to vote on 10 models and always go for the one that you like the most. Not only that you help keep the game alive, but you will also receive a nice amount of cash that can be spent on expansions, decorations and especially new clothes.

2. Follow the quests
The quests are really difficult and some of them require you to spend diamonds to complete them. Focus on the quests though, get the rewards – which are usually diamonds – and slowly but surely you will get there and complete them all without having to spend any or at least too much real money.

3. Invest in clothes first
Money is really hard to get, but invest in as many clothes as possible for as many outfits as possible. The better your clothes, the better you will probably score when other players vote, and you get top rewards if you manage to get three star ratings on all your photo shoots. So the first step to get there is to have a huge array of clothes to choose from. But check out the rewards of the missions, as many will also give you clothes too and it makes no sense to invest in those.

4. Really work on your photo shoot
Just taking a picture, randomly, won’t get you far in the game because you will be competing against the models of other people and real people will vote on your photo shoots. So take your time, set up the perfect stage (using backdrops or decorations) and wait for the model to strike the perfect pose. If you spend some time working on all the details, other players will appreciate it and give you their vote.

5. Adjust your hair to jewelries
You can change your model’s hair during the photo shoot, and you should do so if you are wearing some nice earrings that you want the world to see: just having them hidden behind your long hair makes no sense in wearing them.

6. Time lapse cheat
We haven’t tried it, as there’s a risk to get banned if you do this, but some people are reporting that if you quit your game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward 30 minutes, you can vote again on other people’s photo shoots. This is a great way to generate extra money, but understand the risks before trying it!

7. Have the theme in mind
Both when voting but especially when you select the clothes for your model, you should have the theme in mind. If it’s “Chilly evening” wearing a short skirt and a top won’t help you much. Look classy and nice, but always adapt your clothes to the theme!

8. Replay older photoshoots
After completing a photo shoot, you can replay it with the same model even if you get the reward. You should actually do it, as often as possible, because replaying photo shoots that you have already completed will reward you with a ton of cash to spend on… anything you want to!

Do you have other tips and tricks for Runway Life? Let us know by commenting below!

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Runway Life Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for the Best Agency


  1. I’m a beginner in the game of runway, I’m very ill, age 58only couple yrs to live. But since finding this game,I enjoy it so much it brought me out of my blues, I came here looking for some thing to inspire that old creativity in me. I do have questions however, how does one accumulate diamonds ,thru completing goal and winning ,any other way? Also my dynasty has grown quite a bit in a few short weeks, how do I move furniture from room to room,put in storage and than take them back into room. Thank you for answering these silly but peratenet questions, also why does it cost $10,000+ just to get them going, I vote a lot that’s one way, any other suggestions,thanks for creating such a game,occupy a ill woman’s time and who knows maybe inspire young girls to do the same

    • Hello Victoria, to accumulate diamonds without spending real money the best thing is to follow the quests and keep voting. Every now and then instead of cash you’ll get a diamond for judging on player’s photoshoots.
      Also, supermodels give out diamonds but they also cost a lot to recruit, nearly 25 diamonds per photoshoot (they have 3 of them) so it’s probably best to save your diamonds on furniture or clothes you like and recruit the normal models.
      To move furniture, hold your finger over the desired item for a few seconds and a set of icons will appear, tap the one that looks like a suitcase and it will send it to storage under the Play tab in the bottom right corner. Then simple tap the item in the storage and drag it to where you want it. Click the tick to leave it there.
      To earn extra cash you can also choose to place a special tv, when the game offers it, and by watching ads and videos they will give you cash.
      Hope this helps, keep exploring your creativity. Wish you the best!

    • Hi, Lola.
      To move furniture, hold your finger over the desired item for a few seconds and a set of icons will appear, tap the one that looks like a suitcase and it will send it to storage under the Play tab in the bottom right corner. Then simply tap the item in the storage and drag it to where you want it. Click the tick to leave it there or the cross to cancel. Hope this helps!

    • Caprice’s last photoshoot was “Streetwear Blog”, if that’s what you mean.
      Under the tab “Play” -> “My models” -> “Lookbook” (on the side) you can see all your models and go back to each photo shoot you entered.

  2. Just wondering if anyone knows the secret to these two poses I’ve seen other players use. One is where the model stands with legs apart in kind of an inverted V, and the other is where the model appears to be leaning against something. The latter I’ve seen twice as the model is leaning against the subway rails and then against a car. Any idea on how to do that? I’ve exhausted my experimenting with every aspect of the fashion shows and I can’t accomplish it.

    • Hi Becca,

      To get those really cool poses, just click on the pictures on the side when doing photoshoots. You can also scroll down and choose more cool poses. :)

  3. Hello!
    There is a quest “PLTVOCRACY- Seek out the mysterious PLTVO!”. The last task of this quest is “Find another model with a street wear style”. I don’t understand this! What do we have to do? Which model do we have to recruit? Please help me!!

    • Hi Dania,
      I’ve been keeping track of which designers ask for which models and so far PLVTO has asked for Nova, Caprice and Liberty. Possibly Summer too? I’m not sure.
      If any of these are available to you maybe they’re the mysterious model he’s looking for.

      • Hi not helping I don’t know what to do but maybe it means finish the photo shoots with caprice or Liberty my photo shoot will be done in a second so I will write back

  4. can someone help me out I have a quest and it’s asking me to complete trend goals to earn my rewaRd but I’m not sure what trend goals are or how to complete them please help

  5. I have 17 regular models and 1 supermodel, but I can’t get any more models – Why is that?
    Ive tried adding more rooms and land because I thought that might be the issue, but that hasn’t helped..

      • Hi Kiah,
        As far as the trend goals…do you mean the ones where you achieve a Feather Plant and you need 4 of them for the big reward?
        Because they come up one at a time. As you complete one a few days later you get the next one, etc. At least that’s how it worked for me, hope it helps!

  6. Hi, so I was playing Runway LIfe on my phone, but I got a new one. How can I continue playing from the spot I was at on my old phone? It’s telling me I have to start over and I was far into the game. Please help!

    • Hi Sia,
      Did you back up your game before you changed phones? If you made a back up copy you could just reinstall it and it should work. Were you logged into the Game Centre? If so, I think you could email Pocket Gems and they could retrieve your game where you left it, it’s happened before on the Campus Life app. Hope this helps!

  7. I have stuck in one request and specific the PARKER & RECREATION at the last photo shooting so to sign the contract. The theme is stylish glasses. Do i have to complete it with three stars to succeed; i dont know what else to do. I have played it so many times but nothing happens. I manage 38% always and once i made 68 i took the reward but i couldnt sign the contract. Please someone help!!!! I cant go on with the game.

  8. I am also stuck at 17 models with no quests or photo shoots to do. Onlu thing I can do is vote. Is this a glitch or are we done with the game after 17?

  9. Hi i was wondering how do you expand the shop I’ve been reading your previous comments but can’t find what you have been telling me. You’ve said ‘remodel’ > ‘Rooms’ but i can’t find that. Please help I’m new to this.

  10. My screen is stuck with Zuri on my screen just saying.. “I guess I’ll sign with the winship group..” It won’t let me do anything, am I done with the game? Did I lose?

  11. In my game after zui wanted me to creat an outfit for her i failed but now she is on my screen (like big kinda like when u cal a person in the game) and I can’t get her off

  12. Hi I can’t seem to sign a contract with the model called Liberty? I already got the reward and the 2 stars, do I have to get 3 stars for this model?

    I tried so many photoshoots still not signing a contract with her

  13. hey Jade Have you done all the fotoshoots with her it should then say sign contract Oh and can someone help I have a lot of quests that involve spending gems but I never have enough and I don’t want to spend real money and the quests have time limits what should I do

  14. Ive got this quest about Lucio. I did collect all of the decoration that he needed but after that I can’t send them to Lucio’s shop because I didn’t know where it is located. After click that house something like “dresswear” then it stucked just like that. Someone help me please!

    • his shop is the building right below your agency space. You guys should only be seperated by a street. He stands next to it and it has a purple roof

  15. I have a question I am trying to retrieve my coins in the league photo shoots I retrieved them twice but I forgot how to get them on the side where it says Street Chic I have 4wins I dont know how get the coins I got coins when I had 0 wins in the Winter Wonderland and receivedo coins assist please

  16. Hi I’m just wondering ….. Im stuck on the photo shoot bachelorette, I keep failing …. What can I do to get atleAst one star??? Its hard…. Where do I need to take the photo

  17. I was wondering, how can I get more diamonds without spending any money and I know you have to follow the quests and stuff but I can’t do the quests without diamonds cause i don’t have enough

  18. Two questions.. First how do I store furniture. I’ve read that I hold down and I should see an icon with a suitcase but I’m not getting that. It’s only giving me the option to move. There is no suitcase.

    And second how do I build rooms etc. I’ve ready that you go to the building store but again I don’t have that option. All I have is clothes shop, salon, and decorative things. There is no options for rooms walls etc.

    Are those things something I earn later? I only started playing today.

  19. Two questions;
    The red car is used in a lot of photo shoots and I was wondering when does this become available to buy? And there are a lot of other shops about but it won’t let me expand my land across the road, is this the same for everyone and can you buy anything from those shops? :)

  20. Hi,

    Does anyone here knows how to delete a room? I kept buying small rooms but I want to make it to a larger room but no space to do it currently :(.

    Appreciate all help :D

    • Go down to play, and click on the fashion league icon. It’ll pull you up to the page where you can vote, play, and buy prizes with the prize money you win.

  21. Does anyone know how to change the sizes of the interior and exterior walls? I keep seeing people with taller walls, but I can’t find a way to make mine tall! Now my photoshoots look weird with pictures and tvs and stuff hanging on invisible walls, with little tiny short walls underneath them!! Lol

  22. I have all the models and all the supermodels. It says more models coming soon on both models & supermodels. I’ve expanded the land & built more rooms. When do I get to recruit new models?

    • I have 99 the models and all the supermodels, and bought lots diamonds, but there was no any new goals and new model to recruit for weeks. The game has been stopped updating?
      Please let me know more?

  23. Hi, im still kinda a beginner at this game but is there a way i can get those top models without pating soooo much diamonds? If not do you know a cheat/hack for diamonds??? Thx

  24. I would really like to know how to restart the game, ive stopped playing for quite some time and would just prefer to start over without logging out and or creating a new icloud. If there is a way to do this and anyone knows how please help me!

    • Hi. Did you already start making photo shoots with her? Because if you haven’t just go to the model look book, it will show you Margots picture with the word “SWAP” in the corner… click that and you can pick Elena, hope that helps!

  25. How can I just reset back to beginning of the game, without diamonds, etc. Deleting it and reinstalling just brought it back to where I left off.

  26. Nikki
    Collectibles are things you can use to swap for tailor made clothes. If you scroll down from your agency you will see a building called “lucio’s dresser’ or something like that. A man will stand by it. Click on this building and then turn in the collectibles for clothes and cash and sometimes even diamonds :). I think you might have to be on a certain level though.
    Hope this helps :)


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