Run and jump through the mysterious worlds of Runventure, a 2D platforming game! Join legendary heroes on their epic quest to search the depths of the Earth for wondrous treasure! But of course, every adventure isn’t complete without deadly traps, perilous locales, and ancient monstrosities, so you’d best be prepared! Our Runventure cheats and tips will show you how to level up and grab all the coins!

Runventure is a tricky game to master thanks to its unique control scheme, but with some practice and the help of our guide you’ll be a Runventure master in no time! Let’s get started with our Runventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t be afraid to pull back!

The control scheme in Runventure is a little different than what you’re probably used to for a 2D platformer. With that said, don’t think this game is an endless runner or anything of the sort, as there is no penalty for taking your time and even going backwards.

If you’re in an awkward spot and a jump is going to fling you off the edge, don’t be afraid to backtrack a bit to give yourself some more room. Unless you’re on a crumbling platform of some sort, there’s no reason to rush!

Jump over enemies!

We know how hard it can be trying to line up a precise jump to land on an enemy, so sometimes we recommend just ignoring them outright. Most enemies have the same behavior pattern: they just walk back and forth over and over again.

Since they don’t really put in the effort to chase you, you can usually sneak past them by just jumping straight over them! Easy!

Look out for the pink coins!

Every so often you’ll come across a pink coin. Upon grabbing a pink coin, a set of multiple regular coins will spawn somewhere nearby. Keep an eye out for pink coins if you’re looking to boost your coin bank. Just be aware that the coins usually spawn in a moving manner, and they follow a certain pattern. Sometimes they’ll move straight into obstacles, so watch your footing!

Level up your heroes!

Each playable hero has a set of three missions to complete. These missions require you to do things like run a certain distance, collect a specific amount of coins, or reach a certain world. If you manage to complete all three missions, the hero will level up and they’ll get a cool new outfit to show their power, although nothing changes stat wise for them.

At level 2 the hero will receive a second set of missions. Complete these and they’ll hit level 3, gain another set of clothes, and one last mission set. Completing the final mission set will make them hit maximum level, at which point you earn a hero key. Hero keys can be spent to open treasure chests which contain special emblems. Get five emblems and something special will happen!

To make sure that you waste no experience gain, switch heroes when you’re done maxing out a previous hero.

Memorize level layouts!

While it may not seem like it at first glance, each hero has their own unique level layouts. This means that you can actually memorize some levels and use that your advantage. Just note that when you do switch heroes, the layout will change too and you’ll have a new whole level on your hands.

That’s all for Runventure! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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