Run Sausage Run is the new craze on the App Store at the moment. The game challenges you to guide your sausage as far as possible, while keeping it intact and away from the various obstacles in the game. And we’re here to help you as much as we can with some Sausage Run cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide.

If you want to get a super high score and get some bragging rights in the virtual or real world, you have to practice a lot and get your lucky charms in place too since luck plays an important role here as well. But for everything else, our Run Sausage Run tips and tricks will help you reach that super high score now! So here’s what to do:

Be patient…
Although really difficult to achieve, patience is extremely important in the game. As soon as you have passed an obstacle, stop running and walk slowly, keeping your eyes glued to the right side of the screen. This way, you will see what type of obstacle is coming and you’ll be able to tackle it as it should be tackled.

Then run like crazy!
As soon as you see the opportunity, tap the screen and start running like crazy in order to pass the obstacle, then rinse and repeat.

Learn how each of the obstacles work: for some, you have to wait until the last moment in order to pass, for others you have enough time and a sprint early on is useful.

Collect the boosts
Not all the boosts are great in this game, but some are insanely helpful. Like the snowflake boost below that I didn’t get because I captured the screenshot:

But that snowflake, if you can get it, will block all obstacles for a short while: that’s when you can run like crazy, getting as far as possible.

Use the free continues
When you’re on a good run and you’re about to beat your high score (or already did so), take the offer to watch an ad for a free continue. This will help you get a boost of your score and hopefully take you to the next level.

Different sausages don’t matter
As it is the case in most games of this kind, the type of sausage you’re using doesn’t influence the game, unfortunately. They are just different designs and you can run using your favorite.

Practice, practice, practice
As I said in the opening paragraph, there’s not a lot more that we can do to help you achieve that super high score you’ve been dreaming of. Practice a lot by playing the game often and you will get better and better. You will learn when’s the best time to start running and you’ll naturally up your game.

These would be, right now, our tips and tricks for fellow Run Sausage Run players. Do you have extra strategies that work when it comes to getting that new high score? Let us know by posting a comment below.

And, of course, don’t forget to brag here a little as well and share your current high score with the world!



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