Sony have just unleashed their popular Playstation character – Sackboy of LBP fame – on iOS in a really high quality endless runner, Run Sackboy Run. Amazing graphics and great sackboy costumes are just some of the things that this free game has for you – but you’ll figure that out on your own. But right now you have to figure out some Run Sackboy Run cheats and tips for this great title, and we’re here to help!

So if you want to make sure that you get the most out of Sony’s Run Sackboy Run on iPhone and iPad, check out our tips and tricks below and up your strategy a bit!

Higher is better
And no, this is not something said to please the people who want to legalize it. I have realized that the higher platforms usually have more bubbles and enemies and goodies than the lower ones, so always try to take advantage of those jumping points or ramps or whatever to get as high up as possible.

Jump and swipe
You probably know already that a long tap on the screen gives you a higher jump than a short tap, but did you know that you can long tap and swipe? This gives you an extremely useful bonus, especially later on when the gaps between platforms get larger. Try to get used to doing this as soon as possible – because it’s not an easy thing to do – and eventually when you get to the difficult parts, you will jump over them like a pro.

Swipe when in Goo
Whenever you end up in that pink goo, you have to swipe on the screen to increase Sackboy’s speed, otherwise you’ll be eaten and you’ll get a game over message. Be very careful, though, because most pink goo areas where you get stuck are shortly followed by some spikes and obstacles – so stay alert and be ready to jump as soon as you get out of the goo. Also, don’t forget that you can swipe for an increased speed at any moment during your run, not only when in goo.

Invest in costumes first
Costumes give you a permanent score multiplier, so it’s extremely important to invest in them as soon as possible in order to increase the number of points you get per game and increase your score. Only afterwards invest in the power-ups which only increase the duration of the powerups that you collect in-game.

What upgrades to get
There is unfortunately not a lot to choose from in terms of Run Sackboy Run upgrades right now, but all of them are really useful. I would suggest upgrading the magnet first since that’s the power-up that you’ll find the most during your runs, then focus on the plane thing as it really is useful.

Always watch the start-game boosts
Every time you start a new run, you will get a new set of boosts you can purchase. From a 10x score multiplier to auto shield or head start, anything can be found there and some are better than others. I personally would recommend to get the auto shield when you already have some hearts left and some games under your belt, combine the shield with a restart and get a score as high as possible!

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow Run Sackboy Run players? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Buy lucky chests. The small one is the most efficient. You can get great items for the price, like 75k bubbles. I personally haven’t had much luck with the big chest as keeping bubbles up is more difficult and the return isn’t there like it is for the small chest. I personally recommend getting the upgrades first over costumes since the upgrades increase the amount of bubbles you end up getting. Also if you are going to spend money on the app get the multiplier, it makes getting bubbles a lot easier.

  2. I wanted to know how to get 50,000 coins in run sackboy run but no one explained how to get 50,000 coins so if u could now put up a thing about how to earn 50,000 coins please and thank you

  3. I just want to know if you really can get unlimited hearts and coins like the website says? Every time I try to do it, it takes me to this audible reader thing to download so I did but nothing and its pissing me off. I’m not very good at the game yet and I can’t get past the second stage but I am getting so tired of having to start back from the beginning. Any suggestions??


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