It’s track and field like you’ve never experienced it before! Run Gun Sports pits players in running events like hurldes, high jump, long jump, and more – but you’ve got real guns attached to your legs! All bets are off as runners will be flinging themselves through the air using the power of good old fashion firepower! Our Run Gun Sports cheats and tips will show you how to become a running’n’gunning master!

The events in Run Gun Sports are all about timing and reflexes, so let’s get to work on honing both of those with our Run Gun Sports cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Daily Challenges!

Once you hit level three – which shouldn’t take that long if you’re getting at least 2nd place in the first set of challenges – you’ll unlock the Daily Challenges. As the name implies, these challenges are presented to you in a new set every day. These challenges are a bit harder than the regular challenges, but for good reason!

Completing these challenges awards you with up to 30 tokens towards your next present. Just keep in mind if you fail that the more times you attempt the challenge, the less tokens you’ll receive once you finally do complete it. These challenges are pretty tough though so don’t feel bad if you have retry a couple times!

Shooting Tips!

Shooting is probably one of the easier challenges to tackle. You really only need to worry about hitting every single target, which guarantees the 1st place trophy.

Remember that you can not only shoot the targets, but you can also throw yourself into them as well. Accuracy doesn’t matter – as long as you hit the target, it’ll be destroyed. Destroying all targets nets you an additional 10 points at the end, which is required in most cases to get 1st place.

High Jump Tips!

High Jump is also another easy challenge. As long as you land on the pad after the jump, you’re guaranteed 1st place. Sometimes the game likes to tempt you by putting tokens behind the pad, but only go after these if you’ve got enough ammo to propel yourself back to the pad.

When the countdown finishes and your runner starts running, keep in mind that you don’t need to launch yourself right away. You can wait until your runner gets a little closer to the pad, if it makes it easier for you.

Long Jump Tips!

Here’s where things get a little tricky. You’ll need to get your runner as far as possible without coming to a stop on the ground. It’ll take a combined effort of carefully managed ammo and usage of the track’s objects to get far!

Right as you use your first shot to launch yourself, you’ll notice a red bubble pop up at the right side of the screen. This bubble shows incoming objects, and you want to try to hit the ones that will boost you.

Things that will boost you include colored balloons with little explosion icons on them and bounce pads on the ground. Hitting as many of these as you can is the key to getting far!

But, you need to watch out for the bad objects too! There will sometimes be buzzsaws that will slice your runner into shreds and floating boxes that slow you down if you run into them. Use your ammo to propel yourself out of the way.

Hurdles Tips!

Run as fast as you can and jump over hurdles and obstacles! Just like Long Jump, there will be objects littered around the track. Some bad, some good, and you’ll need to use your ammo to propel yourself faster to beat the track time.

Take full advantage of any good objects on the track. Sometimes there will be cannons that can launch you quickly in a direction, but just watch out for those darn buzzsaws again.

Horizontal Bars Tips!

This one might be our favorite! You need to perform as many backflips as you can coming off the bars. When you’re hanging on a bar, shoot with proper timing to spin yourself faster and faster. It’s a bit hard to describe but you should get it after a couple tries. Don’t worry about ammo as you’ve got infinite so as long as you’re hanging on a bar.

You can do up to three sets on a single bar. After the second set of backflips, notice that the bar will catch fire – this means that after the third set, the bar will crumble and you’ll need to move onto the next bar or finish.

Keep in mind that you do NOT have infinite ammo when you’re not on a bar, so make sure you give yourself enough time to reach the next bar!

And with that, we’ve covered all the events you’ll come across in Run Gun Sports. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below!


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