Run Forest Run for the iOS is a game based on the movie from the 90’s. The game focuses on one the character’s attributes which you can guess by the title. The objective is to take control of the character and help him avoid obstacles and other dangers as he runs away. This Run Forest Run Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help detail any advice needed in order to help you progress through the game.

1. Life is like a box of chocolates


The game gives you an opportunity to select a daily prize. This is a random selection therefore the only strategic options you receive is to decide whether you would like to keep the reward or try to select another.

2. Controls

The game uses the swipe action to control the character. Although fairly simple there is the ability to move whilst in the air which can give you an advantage depending on the oncoming obstacles. A good habit to get into is to combine a roll with each jump you make. By doing this automatically it will help you move through the level quicker. However your action should be dictated by what lies ahead so keep an eye on the horizon.

3. Missions percentage

In order to advance through a level the game gives you a set of missions to complete. These vary but are detailed within the options menu. As you meet the criteria you will increase the level percentage that you have completed. Once this has filed to one hundred per cent you can advance to the next stage.

4. Coins

Needless to say as with many games collect as many coins as you can whilst progressing through he game. Sometimes it is best to avoid them if it means you can progress further onto the level therefore plan and choose which ones to go for, as it is impossible to collect them all. A majority is certainly possible, however if you can safely navigate an area which is not populated with coins then it is not the end of the world.

5. Obstacles

These vary throughout the game and some can be dynamic for example a tree falling down across your path. The best way to navigate through these is by using a combination of movements. Sometimes you will have to jump and swipe from right to left in order to avoid something. Or jump and the quickly roll. Therefore remember to use all the movements available to you and to combine them when necessary.

6. Power ups

There are some useful power ups within the game that will help you.  Lives are available to collect as you run through the level. There is also a blue flag which allows coins to gravity towards you as you run by. There is also a canon which propels you  across the level to help give you some distance.



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