Rumble Stars: Best Characters in the Game

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In our article today we are going to tell you all of the best characters in Rumble Stars and help you pick the best ones to make your team. Now it all depends on which characters the adversary has too, but overall we are going to tell you everything that you need to know!

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So, are you ready? Then we hope you checked out game guide to learn a few useful tips about the game, because we are going to get right into the best characters in Rumble Stars right now!

Rumble Stars – Best Core characters 

Lazy Panda is good for making combos with other players, as he will only shoot the ball if it is close enough, and not really move to get it. 

Loyal Dog is good to combo with Lazy Panda, because he will pass the ball to him. Since Loyal Dog is always passing and never shooting, use him in combo with any other good shooter you have.

Magnetman could work well if you have a good shooter. It can work well with any team pretty much, if you deploy it at the right time.

– Fake Ball could create diversions and if you deploy it when the opponent has some super strong units out, it’s pretty good to waste their time with the Fake Ball.

Mr. Fire will explode, so if you want to take out enemies it could be OK. It’s not always ideal, so pick wisely according to what the opponent plays as well.

Cannonman shoots at enemies, but costs 4 energy, so it’s not always good. 

Raging Bull never chases the ball, but the enemies. It will tackle them, so if you want to clear them off the ball, it could work. I don’t suggest randomly adding him to a team because it costs also 4 energy, so it might be a waste. Depends on the team.

Melon is a cute little unit which is super cheap (1 energy) and is good for quick saves and shoots. Could work well as a filler unit.

– General Molotov is super useful as it will create an area with fire which damages opponents who walk through it. It’s good to keep them off the ball and isolate the enemy in an area – or simply take them down.

Fan is good to blow away the Rumblers. That’s about it.

– Tiny Tanuki is a cute little Rumbler who passes and scores. If there are other rumblers in front of him, he will pass the ball to them – else, he will try to score. It’s super fragile though, so it can be taken down easily.

Bomba is good. It deals quite a bit of damage, but it also costs 4 energy. It is good, definitely use it if it fits in your team comp!

– Mr. Mine will explode, dealing damage. It costs 2 energy, so if you combine this with Bomba and a few other cheap Rumblers to score, you could easily create an offensive team which focuses on defeating the enemy.

– Ice Boy freezes the enemies. It’s good if you want to combo it with mines or bombs, else it depends on the situation. You might need it to stop other certain Rumblers.

– Bouncer Bear takes a huge swing the nearby enemies and is pretty good overall.

Rumble Stars – Best Superstar characters 

– Sniper Wolf is a must. It’s super useful because it can score from the other side of the field. 

Froggy is good to combo with Loyal Dog or other passers. It will shoot the ball as soon as it gets it and is a pretty good Rumbler.

Croco is one offensive player. It’s going to attack the enemy players and not really care about the ball.

– Friendly Seal will always pass the ball to friendly units through the air. It can’t cross minefield. It’s a good unit if you want to pass the ball through the air to avoid other Rumblers.

Hipdozer is a force. She’s super useful as she will force a goal with her amazing shot power. I like Hipdozer quite a lot!

Mammoth will throw the opponents back in their half of the terrain. Depending on your team, it could work well if you have snipers who you need to protect.

– Fast Monkey never passes, and likes to dribble. It has a pretty good shot power, so it could work well in a team that needs someone to score.

Rumble Stars – Best Pro characters 

– Striker Tiger is of course super good because it shoots goals. If there are friendly units in front, he will also pass to them.

Lover will act as a decoy, attracting enemy players towards it. 

– Turtle Spinner is good to keep the opponent away, but in my opinion it is pretty difficult sometimes to find good team mates to work with it.

– Royal Dung is a repelling… dung. It could be useful, depending on the situation. However, it could also work against you if you don’t know how to place it.

– Bomber Hen is another super damage dealer, but it costs 5 energy so if you want to use it, make sure you are deploying it at the right time else you will be left uncovered and without energy.

– Mr. Bigshot shoots a barrage of explosive pellets in a direction. I don’t necessarily like it, because it doesn’t fit my team play style, but if it works for you, by all means use it!

Leeches are one super effective unit as they can take down the stamina of a deployed enemy Rumbler. Could be pretty good, but they also cost a lot!

Rumble Stars – Best Legend characters 

Stomparoo is one player that defies the laws of… football? Well, it takes the ball and shoots it and stomps and other things kangaroos do. It’s tough to acquire, and also costs a lot to deploy (6 energy), but will ensure a goal.

– Sly Fox is super useful and doesn’t cost that much (4 energy). While it is holding the ball it’s invisible to the enemy, unless it shoots or is taking damage. This Sly Fox is a great unit, and if you happen to get it, use it and build around it because it is an easy way to win!

These would be all of the characters in Rumble Stars! Now according to their skill, you should decide which are the best for you and which you will try to aim for. 

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Rumble Stars: Best Characters in the Game

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