Royal Crown Guide: Tips & Cheats To Securing the Crown

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Welcome to Royal Crown, LINE Corporation’s foray into the wild world of mobile battle royales! The strongest heroes from across the land have been summoned to duke it out in one big battle to see who is worthy of the crown. Will you take the crown in this battle royale game with MOBA elements?

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Because of the MOBA elements, Royal Crown requires you approach battles at a different angle. In our Royal Crown tips and tricks guide, we will go over some battle strategies, foraging tips, and class info to help you survive out there on the battlefield. Here is our Royal Crown cheats, tips and tricks startegy guide to securing the crown!

Select your Champion

In Royal Crown, players do not enter the battlefield with an empty slate of a character. Instead, you will choose from a variety of champions each with their own unique skills and playstyles. Because of this, the default mode in Royal Crown is squad-based, because it may be difficult for certain champions to go solo.

There are six different classes in Royal Crown: warriors, snipers, assassins, mages, supporters, and tanks. If you are familiar with MOBAs then you may recognize some of these classes, but if you do not read on to see which one you might like the best.

Warriors are frontline fighters who excel in close-quarters physical combat. They have skills that get them in and help them stay in, with damage reducing skills and offensive skills. They are well-rounded champions that fit in any composition.

Snipers are ranged attackers that excel at picking their targets off from afar using a barrage of long-range physical attacks and skills. All of this excellent firepower means that they lose in close-quarters combat, so make sure to use your mobility skills to stay out of your enemy’s reach.

Mages are extremely powerful champions that destroy enemies with their powerful elemental spells. They do high amounts of magical damage to multiple targets and can tear apart any party if left unchecked. Just like Snipers, Mages are extremely fragile and even more vulnerable, as not all of them have mobility skills.

Assassins are high octane champions that deal huge amounts of damage with high damaging skills. Their intense power comes with a high skill floor, as they must wait for the perfect opportunity to deal the most damage and get out alive.

Supports are the backbone of any squad. They have skills that allow them to heal their allies and buff them, granting them an edge over enemies. They cannot deal much damage on their own and they are very fragile, but they have a variety of crowd control skills to keep enemies off them. A protected support will keep the whole party alive!

Finally, we have come to Tanks. There is only one Tank in the game right now, but we assume there will be more added later. Tanks give up most offensive capabilities for nigh-unbreakable defense. Their skills allow them to protect themselves and allies, and also slow down enemies.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of each class:

  • Warriors: All-arounders, excellent at close-range, susceptible to long-range attacks
  • Snipers: Deals consistent damage from afar, high mobility, low defense
  • Mages: High AoE damage, low defense
  • Assassins: Very high burst damage, extremely low defense
  • Supports: Healing and buffs with crowd control, low attack
  • Tanks: Very high defense, extremely low attack

You will start the game with only a few heroes to choose from, but you will be able to unlock more as you win matches and earn gold.

Find Gear

As is the case in any battle royale game, the first thing you should do as soon as you land is start scouring for chests. If you see a chest, walk over to it and open it and you should find some new gear for your champion. If there are any houses nearby, search those as they have a high chance of containing chests.

Your champion has six slots for gear: weapon, helmet, chest, gloves, boots, and an accessory. When you find a chest and open it, you will presented with the contents inside. If you see an item with a yellow background, that means it is an upgrade for you so go ahead and grab it. Alternatively, if you see a “Claim All” button, you can tap that and automatically equip any new gear that is good for you.

Before you engage with any enemy, you should make sure that you have all six slots fitted out already – you do not want to start a fight while missing gear!

Accessories, Runes and Attribute Cards

Accessories function a little different from your standard gear. They still provide you with passive stat boosts like increased HP regen or faster cooldowns, but you can actually upgrade them with materials. You can also just straight up find epic accessories, but if you want a better accessory right away be sure to upgrade it.

Runes also provide you with more stat boosts, and up to five runes can be equipped. Runes can be upgraded just like accessories can, but you need mana crystals to do so. Runes can further strengthen you character, so make sure to equip five runes of your liking.

In addition to all of this, there are also attribute cards. Attribute cards grant bonus perks to your champion. For example, one card can make your basic attack unleash shock waves, dealing additional damage. These cards can be upgraded just like accessories and runes, and you can drop them at any time if you find a better card.

Items and Crafting

As you learned in the tutorial, Royal Crown also features a hint of survival game in it. You may come across materials in the wild, and you can gather them and use them to craft helpful items and tools.

If you tap on the minimap, you will bring up a full map with locations marked. The icon with the pickaxe over it denotes material locations, and you can find all sorts of stuff. You can usually tell what you are going to get by how the environment looks – lush, grassy fields will usually have trees, herbs, and sometimes papyrus in them, where dark caves will have mana crystals.

Crafting is important, so do not ignore it. HP and MP regeneration is very, very low in this game, meaning that you will need to manually recover after a battle is over. One of the easiest ways to do this is to craft food, which you can make with wheat, meat, mushrooms, or fruit. The base recipe costs two of the item, while the pie recipe costs four. The base recipe restores only HP, but the pie restore both HP and MP if you eat the whole thing.

It is always helpful to have food on you at all times, especially if you are playing a Squad game, as your teammates can eat the food you set down and everyone gets a helping.

Some other helpful items include:

  • Healing Powder (2 herbs): Restores a small amount of HP to user and nearby allies.
  • Ward (1 wood): Set down a ward that grants vision in the targeted area for 45 seconds.
  • HP/Mana Potions(1-2 herbs): Recovers a large amount of HP or MP, takes 3 seconds to use.
  • Stun Trap (1 mana crystal): Sets a trap that stuns enemies who get caught in it for 1 second.

There are plenty of other items to craft, so make sure to look through the list and see what could help you out. Also, it should be noted that you can craft runes, attribute cards, and accessories if you are having trouble finding them.

Battling with Enemies

Now that you are fully decked out and you have some healing potions, food, and maybe some tools on hand, it is time to hunt down the remaining players and take them out. Try to get the jump on them – use the bushes that you can hide in to your advantage to get the drop on unsuspecting players.

When engaging a target, always keep your class and role in mind, especially if you are playing in a squad. If you are a frontline melee warrior, you should be the first to engage while your backline mages and snipers dish out damage safely.

Always make sure you use your skills wisely, as they can make the difference between victory or defeat. To use Leo as an example since he is one of the starting characters, he should always engage with either Shield Toss or Mad Rush, as they let him close the gap and disorient enemies in some fashion. Then, he can follow up with Sweep, his main damage skill.

Stick with your squad, get the jump on enemies, and make sure to always be crafting new items and tools to help you out.

Complete the Quests

As a final tip, if you want to unlock new champions in a timely fashion, you must complete the daily and weekly quests, as they will reward you with a decent amount of gold as opposed to just playing through matches.

The daily quests are easy enough to complete, and they reward you with just gold. There are also weekly quests, and while these are little more involved, they reward you with battle pass points, which increases your battle pass rank. The higher rank you are, the more gold rewards you will get.

That concludes our guide on Royal Crown. With some preparation and familiarity of your champion, you should be able to conquer the battlefield and secure the crown. If you have any other tips, let us know in the comments below.

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Royal Crown Guide: Tips & Cheats To Securing the Crown

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