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Royal Chaos Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Royal Chaos Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Royal Chaos is a hybrid idle/real-time tactical RPG that is set against a royal Chinese background. As the youngest member of a royal family, you are thrust right into the middle of a political conflict and you must discover a solution to the chaos! Our Royal Chaos cheats and tips will show you how to get through this mesmerizing adventure.

Royal Chaos is somewhat hands off until you get through the first several hours of gameplay, so we have some pointers for you there right here in our Royal Chaos cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep completing Storyline Challenges!

Every time you complete a Storyline Challenge, your automatic gold and experience points generation will increase ever so slightly. This will make it so that when you go away from the game for long periods of time you will have lots of resources to look forward to. The farther you progress in the main storyline, the more resources you will generate.

Use your free Selections!

“Selection” is this game’s way of summoning new heroes. You get free Normal draws three times a day, so make sure you come back to summon some new heroes even if you don’t plan on playing for the day. Every hero makes your life easier, as you will need to create a big party as soon as you’re able to. Additional hero slots unlock at level 20 and above!

Upgrade your heroes!

Heroes can be outfitted with six pieces of gear. Each piece of gear adds a substantial stat boost to the hero’s base stats, so it’s important to outfit your heroes with as much gear as possible. You can take this a step further by enhancing the gear, which increases their stat boosts even further. You can do this quickly using the Quick Enhance button.

You can also upgrade heroes directly using Upgrade Pills. Upgrading a hero provides a dramatic boost to their stats, but you can only do this if you have enough Upgrade Pills and the hero is at the required level. Upgrade whenever you can, especially if you have hit a particularly tough challenge.

And finally, after you have upgraded a hero five times, you can Awaken them. Awakening costs 1,000 Upgrade Pills and 150 Awaken Gems. Awakening grants the hero another rarity star and a HUGE increase stats. This is what you are working towards eventually!

Tend to your relationships!

After you clear the first storyline chapter, you will gain access to the Palace. Here, you can actually see the romantic side of your empire and try dating around! Dating is a fun little minigame where you get to know the other members of the kingdom around, and you can even foster relationships with them.

While this has some long-term benefits, you also get immediate valuable rewards for doing this, like Upgrade Pills and gems. Always make sure to check back in the Palace to see how your relationships are doing and don’t let any of them falter!

That’s all for Royal Chaos. Keep upgrading your heroes and tend to your relationships and you should be fine! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Royal Chaos Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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