Grab onto mask because things are about to get real rowdy! Rowdy Wrestling is a chaotic physics based wrestling game where anything goes in this rowdy ring! Use dropkicks, smashes, and of course the classic steel chair to obliterate your opponent and throw them out of the ring! Our Rowdy Wrestling cheats and tips will show you how to become the knockout king!

Rowdy Wrestling is all about mastering the game’s physics, so let’s get down to business with our Rowdy Wrestling cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Toss your opponents backwards!

Remember that if you attack a stunned opponent, you will toss them overhead behind you. This may not work in your favor as sometimes you will just end up tossing them across the ring. One trick to get around this is that when your opponent is stunned, quickly jump over them so that you are facing towards the ring. Throwing them in that position will line them up to go right over the rope!

Master the dropkick!

The dropkick deals the most damage, so make sure you use it often. It will do even more damage if you can manage to nail your opponent’s head with it, so make sure you dropkick off the side rope for maximum damage! It can also get you out a bind if you find yourself surrounded (which will happen often in the Rumble mode), giving you a quick escape!

Take out opponents on the ropes!

There is one more thing you should know about the dropkick: if you perform one as soon as you jump off the ground, your wrestler will actually rocket forward feet first! You become a living missile hurdling yourself at the closest enemy. This can be useful for surprising opponents off guard.

Also, you can use it to blindside opponents who are trying to dropkick YOU! As you get through the Rumble mode, you will notice that your opponents love to jump on the ropes to try to dropkick you. If you are fast enough, you can actually launch yourself at them and dropkick them right off their feet – more often than not this leads to them falling out of the ring!

Complete the challenges!

Each level comes with its preset list of challenges. For example, at level 1 you will need to complete the Bronze Rumble with either Joe Average or Blaze. If you can complete all three missions in the level list, you will earn around 100 coins! You will need a grand total of 400 coins to unlock a new wrestler, so you will need to complete as many challenges as you can if you want to grow your roster.

Mash all the buttons to recover!

When you are stunned, you are completely helpless! Your opponents will take this time to throw you out of the ring, assuming they aren’t currently engaged with another wrestler. We are not exactly sure if this helps, but it feels like it does – mash all of the buttons when you are stunned to recover slightly faster. It’s better than just sitting there doing nothing!

Take a break to recover!

If you can avoid taking damage for about two seconds, you will start to regenerate your health at a very fast pace. If you are getting pretty beat up, don’t be afraid to take a breather – utilize that dropkick launch technique we mentioned earlier to make some distance between you and your opponent and just hang back for a bit. If you need more time, you can get on the rope and dropkick launch over to the other side.

Use weapons!

Every so often the referee will show up on one side of the screen holding a weapon, like a board or a steel chair. Walk over and grab it, then unleash mayhem on your foes! Weapons do massive damage to wrestlers, often knocking them out in one hit, so don’t sleep on them!

That’s all for Rowdy Wrestling! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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