Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment is saying goodbye to former vice president of mergers and acquisitions Teemu Huuhtanen as he has officially left the developer in order to form a new mobile-focused studio.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Huuhtanen’s departure was actually first confirmed back at the beginning of August but has only just now gone public. Since his early-August departure, Huuhtanen has been helping to co-found Next Games, a new mobile-focused game development studio.

Huuhtanen first joined Rovio Entertainment back in April, 2012 but over the past few years or so, he and several other executives have been moving on to other opportunities. Huuhtanen’s departure from Rovio Entertainment makes him the tenth executive to leave the studio in two years, thought the company has also taken on several prominent new members as well such as Playfish’s former head of games Jami Laes and Nokia’s former head of start-up activities Teemu Suila who is now Rovio’s new COO.

No word yet on what Huuhtanen and the rest of the Next Games team are working on but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get a sneak peek. Meanwhile Rovio is chugging along with several new games in the works which Laes hopes will help turn the company into a mobile gaming “entertainment powerhouse.”


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