It’s a swingin’ race across the whole world! Rope Racers is a racing game pits you against other players’ times. Choose a level, then race against up to ten other players’ ghosts. Their ghosts will show that player’s best time, so it’s up to you to beat it! We’ll help you race your way to victory with our Rope Racers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting 1st place!

1. Momentum is key!


The most important factor in winning a race is nailing down your momentum. Try to do a couple runs in the Beginner League just for practice. There’s no harm in taking your time as there is no entry fee. As a general rule, let your character run for a couple of seconds to build up speed, then rope up. Let yourself go a little high, then let go of your rope and drop down to build some more momentum. Before you get too close to the ground, rope again and all of that momentum will be transferred into your swing. At the apex of your swing, let go, and you’ll fling yourself forward with great speed!!

2. Don’t rope for too long!

When you rope without any kind of build up, you will slow yourself down. Of course, if you’re trying to set yourself up for a big boost, that’s fine, but make sure not to hold your rope too long. If you’re attached to a ceiling, holding it for too long will slow you down or even make you slam right into the ceiling. If you’re trying to attach to a point, keep an eye out, as the rope can only extend a certain distance. If it doesn’t collide with any surface, it’ll fall down and as long as you continue to hold it, it’ll slow you down drastically.

3. Basic beginning course guides to get you started!

Beginner League

  • Fork in the Road: A simple course. Starts off normal, then splits into a top and bottom path. They both have a booster space, but the bottom path has a small lava spot, so if you’re worried about that then just try to take the top path every time.
  • Speedy Paths: Right off the bat, there’s going to be a split. You want to take the top path as there is a booster space. Be careful though, as right in front of it is steep decline that you might run into. After that, stick to the bottom path, as there will be another booster space.
  • Leap of Faith: A good intro course. It’s a fairly straightforward path, with small lava spots here and there. This is a great course to practice your momentum control, since it’s a straight corridor. You can pretty much stay in the air for the whole race if you can control your speed well enough.

Amateur League

  • Big Jump: A very short course but filled with platforms. Right at the start, there’s a booster space that will send you into a really tall and wide room. There are platforms scattered about for you to rope to. The best way to handle this is to try to keep yourself in the middle of the booster space as it launches you. If done correctly, you should glide through the middle of the room with relative ease.
  • Lava Lakes: This one is a lot like Leap of Faith! It’s a straight course with no significant bumps or slopes. The only thing you need to worry about are the various lava pits along the course. Just focus on building speed; you can stay in the air for the whole race with well-placed ropes!
  • Space Shot: This one’s bumpy! Right at the start there’s a steep drop down. You’ll most likely bump into the wall on the right, but that’s fine. Drop down, then rope at the corner where the horizontal and the vertical walls meet. You’ll take this turn really nicely, then at the end of this hallway there’s a booster space that sends you straight up. At the end, it’ll push you a bit to the right. Rope, then stay low to take the bottom path which has a booster space.

4. Complete the missions!

If you want to unlock additional racers, you’re going to need cash. Cash is premium currency of this game and there are several ways to earn it. You gain a little bit every time you level up, but the main way to earn cash is through missions. Missions are side objectives that award you with cash upon completion. You should try to do them as soon as you can, as they will refresh after a certain amount of time.

5. Upgrade your racers!

When all else fails, upgrade your racers! It costs a lot of coins to upgrade a racer, but it’s worth it! Every time you upgrade a racer, their running and swinging stats increase they become faster in those corresponding aspects. It just might give you the edge you need!

That’s all for Rope Racers. Remember: practice makes perfect! If you have any other racing tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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