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Rope Heroes: Hole Runner Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Rope Heroes: Hole Runner Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

You’ve never seen heroes like this before! Rope Heroes: Hole Runner is a super dangerous physics game based on, you guessed it, ropes! Take on the furious Swing Jump to see how far you can fly in one rope, or try out the Endless Run filled with block obstacles you will need to dodge! Either way, our Rope Heroes: Hole Runner cheats and tips has you covered.

Rope Heroes: Hole Runner is all about good timing and practice. The more you swing, the more you will naturally get better, so let’s get started with our Rope Heroes: Hole Runner cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Build speed by falling in Swing Jump!

Swing Jump starts you off with a short ceiling that lets you build speed. To gain speed, you will need to let gravity do the work for you. Use your rope to get as high as possible, then drop yourself to build up speed. Swing your rope as you’re falling to transfer the momentum into your next swing, and then repeat the process to build up lots of speed!

Be sure to build as much speed as you can quickly, because eventually the ceiling will disappear and you will have to perform your jump. The farther you go, the more coins you will earn!

Perk yourself up with energy drinks!

As you swing ropes, your energy meters at the top of the screen will start to deplete. Each meter represents a certain stat of your hero, and the lower your stats the worse you will perform during rope swinging! You can replenish your energy using the power up drinks presented before you enter a game mode.

You will need to buy multiple drinks to get yourself back into tip-top shape, so be prepared to shell out the coins for it. Be careful not to drink yourself into a rut – running out of coins with low energy in your stats can happen, so watch out!

Break some stones for coins!

If you do run yourself into the ground, you can play the stone destroying minigame to win some coins. Stones will fly out from the bottom of the screen and you must tap them to break them. Breaking a certain amount of stones will reward you with coins, and if you manage to break all 50 stones you’ll earn 25 coins.

The payout isn’t great, but it’s the only way to reliably earn coins if you’re not getting far enough in the regular game modes. Do note that the touch detection on the stones isn’t very lenient, so you need to be really accurate!

Try out the Daily Challenge!

The Daily Challenge is a special challenge that, as the name implies, changes every day. If you can conquer the Daily Challenge, you can earn some coins and a trophy if you perform exceptionally well.

These challenges require you to survive a cave adventure, and the length you need to reach changes with each cave. Take a break from the normal Swing Jump mode to see how far you can go!

That’s all for Rope Heroes: Hole Runner! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rope Heroes: Hole Runner Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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