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Rolly Legs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rolling Super Fast

Rolly Legs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rolling Super Fast

It is time to master the way of the rolly ball in Rolly Legs, a competitive physics-based racing game where you pilot a rolly ball that can walk, jump, and of course, roll! With plenty of tracks full of bumps and jumps to race through and lots of fun skins to customize your ball with, the fun never ends in Rolly Legs!

In our Rolly Legs tips and tricks guide, we will give you some pointers on how you control your rolly ball well and how to place first consistently. Let’s get started with our Rolly Legs cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to rolling super fast!

Controlling the Rolly Ball

Your ball has two modes of travel: rolling mode and walking mode. You can switch between them on the fly by simply tapping and holding.

Rolling mode is your default state and your ball will be in this mode if you do not touch the screen at all. In this mode, you are a simple ball, and you are at the mercy of the track and physics. Go into rolling mode whenever you see a downhill stretch, and you can roll along it and build up a ton of speed. However, as one can imagine, balls cannot really roll UP hills.

Walking mode deploys your four spider legs and allows you to walk up any kind of terrain, no matter how rough or steep it is. Walking mode is deployed by tapping and holding the screen – to return to rolling mode, simply let go. Walking mode slows your movement speed down to a CRAWL, but you can use it to get up steep ramps and blocky terrain when you are still trying to build up speed.

Navigating the Track

The key to Rolly Legs is taking advantage of the track so that you hold your momentum and keep it for as long as possible. This is done by using both rolling and walking mode to build up as much speed as possible.

When you first start the track, you will probably struggle a bit to keep speed because you will face so many uphill climbs. Use walking mode as little as possible to maintain your speed. You can also tap to go into walking mode for a brief second, and this allows you to do little jumps.

Eventually though, you will come across a long stretch of the track that is a downhill slope. This is when you let go and try to roll through as much of it as possible – watch your speed build up like crazy!

More often than not you will hit a small ramp at the end of these slopes, which will then launch you high into the sky. If you enter walking mode when you are in the air, you will deploy a little umbrella above your head. This will slow you down, but it will also keep you in the air for longer, allowing you to glide.

Landing the Final Bonus

When you pass the finish line, you will be prompted for one more jump. Right after the finish line is a slope then a booster which will launch you straight above some marked areas on the ground. Each area is marked with a certain coin bonus – land on that space to get the coins indicated.

The most coins are right in the center of the marker, so the tricky part about ending the race is that you do not want to be going neither too fast or slow. If your speed is off, enter walking mode so that your umbrella deploys and do your best to glide into the center marker. The closer you are to the center, the more coins you can get!

Unlocking More Tracks

Every time you win a race, you will be one step closer to unlocking a new track. You can see your progress at the main menu by looking at the bar on the bottom of the screen. The first track to unlock takes five wins, while the second one takes eight wins, and so forth.

You must place 1st in order for the game to count it as a win, so not even 2nd place will be a win. Do your best to unlock more tracks!

Getting the Hyper Boost

You may have noticed a white ring filling up around your place indicator during a race. When you are rolling down slopes with super speed, this speedometer will begin to fill up. If you can manage to fill it up all the way, your ball will get a hyper boost, which will dramatically increases its speed and send it soaring through the air.

Getting a hyper boost is pretty much the final nail in the coffin, meaning that you will almost always win the race afterwards. Maintaining speed is the hard part though, as the second you slow down too much your speedometer will begin to drain.

In order to maintain speed, you need to try to glide over the rough terrain as much as possible. Once you build up enough speed, you should be going fast enough so that you get some decent air. When you are coming back down, check to see if the track is getting a little bumpy. If it looks too rough, try to glide over as much of it as possible until it gets smoother, then land to preserve as much speed as possible.

Knowing when to roll and knowing when to glide over things is the key to good speed control!

Track Gimmicks

Occasionally you may come across gimmicks in the track that will do special things to you when you roll over them.

The green arrows are boost pads. Rolling over these will send you speeding forward in an instant, so make sure not to miss these.

The green pads are bounce pads. These things will bounce you forward a large distance when you roll over them. They are often put in to help you avoid pits and stuff, so make sure not to miss these either!

Unlocking More Skins

The onle thing you can do with the coins you earn from winning races is buying new skins for your rolly ball. They do not change your rolly ball’s stats or anything, it is purely cosmetic. You can dress it up in all sorts of fun costumes, but every time you unlock a new skin it gets more pricey for the next skin. There is nothing else to spend coins on though, so you might as well!

That’s all for Rolly Legs! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rolly Legs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rolling Super Fast


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