Rolling Sky is a simple but challenging one-touch game. Guide a rolling ball as it dances across the sky, but make sure you watch out for holes and obstacles! It’s modeled after Flappy Bird in the sense that it’s a “one more try” type of game, so be prepared for a tough but addicting challenge! We’ll help you overcome the sky with ourĀ Rolling Sky cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep your finger on the screen!


You can do “swipe” motions to add a little more momentum to your ball, but for the most part you’re going to want to keep your finger on the screen at all times. Your ball will follow where you keep your finger with precision speed, and perfect control is an absolute must in this game. Keep your finger on the screen at all times!

2. Don’t worry about the gems!

Don’t fret if you end up missing a gem. For your first run through a level, you should just focus on memorizing the correct paths to go and the obstacles and traps to avoid. Don’t worry about the gems; they don’t even seem to do much anyways. Ignore the gems and focus on staying alive!

3. Follow the gems!

During the first level, for the most part you’ll be on autopilot just dodging pitfalls and making the jumps. From the second level onwards, the levels will sometimes have split paths and one path may lead you to your doom. In these cases be on the lookout for gems – they will always point you in the right direction! For example, there’s a split near the beginning of the second level. The left path has a gem and the right path does not. Taking the right path will put you on a collision course with sliding platforms!

4. Play with sound on!

Your mileage may vary with this tip, but we found having the sound on helped us memorize the levels. You see, each level has its own unique song to it and the levels are played out in a way that synchronized with the music. Hard beats are accompanied by those hammers that slam down, and drops are signified by those huge laser cannons. With enough tries, the music will help you memorize levels by giving you audio cues!

5. Take a break if you need it!

This game is incredibly challenging and like the other games in this genre, you can end up frustrated really quick. If you’re consistently crashing, step back and take a break. It’s better to come back later, as balls will regenerate over time anyways. If you’re determined though, you can also watch a short advertisement for 10 free balls if you run out.

That’s all for Rolling Sky. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. I love this game, but on the 1st bonus level the closest I have got to the end is 92%. I just recently started playing this game and I am stuck there at 92%. If any body got tips for me my name Tammy Fredrick. Thank you and Good Bye every body and please give me some tips if you have any. Thanks again – Tammy Fredrick

    • Hi Tammy Fredrick my name is Alice Hogindosy and I am stuck on the same level as you are. I always die at 25%. I am surprised you are as far as you are. I just recently started playing this game also. I hope you get some tips soon. What I have gathered from this game is try not to get in the way of the Laser Cannons. Thank you for read this Tammy, I hope you found what you where looking for today. God Bless You All – Alice Hogindosy P.S Rolling Sky is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Tammy it is Quite Nice to Meet Aswell. Yes, it is OK if You Call Me Ali. I Have to Log Off the Computer Because My Mom Needs to Get On. Good Bye Tammy.


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