The famous RollerCoaster Tycoon series is now available on your iOS device! RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile lets you build from the ground up the amusement park of your dreams. Keep your visitors happy, construct your own custom crazy rollercoasters, and lead a financially successful park with the help of our RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

A small warning: during our play through, we encountered several connection issues. It seems to be sporadic, but every so often the game will disconnect from its main server and you won’t be able to do anything. Our internet connection was fine, so we think the game is a little buggy at the moment. The game will let you try to manually reconnect, but this never worked. Instead, if you just wait a couple seconds, it should auto reconnect on it’s own.

1. Always be working towards Goals!

The goals list will show you what you should be focusing on next. These goals will lead you down the general path of progression, and they also reward you with good experience, coin, and tickets. Don’t forget about them!

2. Build lots of businesses to earn more revenue!

Food businesses and non-food businesses will generate revenue based on how many peeps they’re serving. If you select any building of the two categories, you can see how any peeps each individual building is serving. The higher the bar, the more merchandise/food they’re selling and the better the revenue. If all the bars are maxed out, the businesses are serving as many peeps as they can, and revenue is capped. At this point you should consider building more businesses to increase the cap!

3. Build hotels to increase the maximum park capacity!

Hotels are like the other businesses in your park: they generate revenue based on how many peeps are currently in your park. You can even upgrade them to increase the max visitor capacity for your park. As you expand land for your park, make sure you also keep your hotels upgraded so that you can have more people!

4. Go crazy with your coasters to increase its excitement rating!

Rollercoasters are the name of the game here – quite literally – so they will be your main attractions. The amount of revenue they generate is based on how pleased the peeps were who rode it. A higher quality coaster means more money! So what exactly does count as a “high quality” rollercoaster? If you tap on the wooden rollercoaster you built during the tutorial, you can check the current rating of it. There are a bunch of stats that go into the play here, but in general let’s just say the crazier your coaster is, the higher its rating will be. First off, the more expensive materials will have higher ratings. From worst to best it goes wooden, steel, titanium, and then carbon. You should start off with wooden coasters at the beginning.

If you’re not feeling too creative at the moment, you can always pick one of the pre-built coasters, but where’s the fun in that?! Custom coasters are where it’s at! When you’re building your own rollercoaster, just think of your favorite ones in real life. Super fast speeds, scarily high drops? Build it! The main stats that are calculated when you finish the track are type, length, max height, top speed, average speed, and max G force. Type is the material as mentioned before, and everything else is self-explanatory. To sum, the longer, higher, and faster your rollercoaster is, the better. You can even attach special parts and adds ons, like loop de loops and the like. Let your imagination go wild to create the wildest coaster there is for maximum fun!

5. Check your peeps’ thought bubbles to see what they’re thinking!

Some peeps will sometimes have thought bubbles over there heads. Usually it’s a green happy face; this means that they’re having fun and there’s nothing wrong! However, if you don’t see that, and instead there’s an object or something that might be a tip on what you should do to improve the park. For example, one of my peeps had a flower bush in the bubble because he thought that the park was too “drab”. I said to myself, I’ll show you that I can be pretty! I then proceeded to spruce up the park with more decorations. Pay attention to these thought bubbles, as they contain helpful hints!

6. Check your businesses’ revenue often!

Remember, your businesses can only hold a certain amount of coins before it must be collected to make room for new revenue. Check your park frequently if you can to ensure that you’re making efficient use of your businesses.

Those are the basics for running your park smoothly. We hope you enjoy your new found love for theme parks, and we wish you a successful career! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Until next time!

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