Boulder Cobblestone, the big rock dude with an attitude and some gnarly underpants to match, is on a journey with his trusty sidekick Pebble to retrieve the stolen Wonderpants collection.

The evil Empire of Scissor, out of a jealous rage, broke into Boulder Cobblestone’s prized collection of Wonderpants and stole them all in an attempt to boost their fashion sense. Leaving nothing to chance, Mr. Boulder storms the empire to get his collection back!

Rocky Rampage is an off-beat, wacky endless runner game, and you could probably guess from the description alone. At the beginning of a run, you will launch Boulder Cobblestone and see how far he can roll.

After every roll, you will gain currency which you can spend on upgrades. You can launch Cobblestone farther, you can make him roll for greater lengths, and you can even increase the amount of baddies he can smash along the way, boosting his distance.

Once you hit a certain distance, you will break into the empire itself where you can take on the baddies who stole the Wonderpants. Hit them with enough speed and the Wonderpants are yours!

Will you help Boulder Cobblestone on his quest to get his Wonderpants back? Rocky Rampage launches April 5, 2020 for iOS and Android.


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