A new interesting role playing game is now available on the App Store for free, a role playing game which is played in a rather unusual way.

Spinlanders, developed by BackUp Entertainment, is played by spinning a digital slot machine, which allows players to make their next move. By getting the right symbol, it will be possible to attack enemies in battles, gather loot and much more. Multi-line spins are also available, which will allow players to make their actions even more effective. Making Spinlanders even more charming is the unique graphical style and presentation, which will make all those who love 2D graphics quite happy.

Spinlanders seems to be the perfect game for those who love slot machine games but also look for a little bit more depth in their games. Spinlanders isn’t exactly the deepest role playing game around but this isn’t a problem, as it’s a game that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone.

Spinlanders is now available for download for free on the App Store. The game is really easy to pick up and play so make sure to download it as soon as possible if you are looking for a game to kill some time with for a few minutes.



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