Record Of Agarest War Zero

Several games are currently available for reduced prices on the App Store in time for the holidays, allowing players to purchase some of the best titles released in recent times for very convenient prices. Among the games now available for lower prices is a role playing game that’s been made available a while back on the App Store, Record Of Agarest War Zero.

Gameplay wise, Record Of Agarest War Zero doesn’t play all that differently from the previous entry of the series. The game sports a tactical battle system where players will have to place extra care in positioning their characters during battle, especially if they want to unleash some powerful and flashy team attacks that can obliterate even the strongest of enemies. The game also has some light dating sim elements which allow players to build a relationship with one of the game’s heroines and receive special items, costumes and more.

Record Of Agarest War Zero is now available for a reduced price on the App Store in all regions.


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