A new role playing game is going to be released on the App Store later this week, an action role playing game clearly inspired by a series developed and published by Capcom on consoles.

Phantom Rift, developed by Foursaken Media, is an action role playing game where players will have to explore dungeons made with blocks. Players will be able to explore dungeons freely until an enemy is encounters. Battles also include blocks where players will be able to move around to get closer to the enemy and attack them with a variety of attacks and spells.

Those who have played the Mega Man Battle Network series will surely recognize more than a few similarities. However Phantom Rift will feature some unique features that will allow the game to break out from its inspiration like a multiplayer mode, plenty of customization possibilities and a really huge variety of magic spells that will make the experience engaging.

Phantom Rift will be released later this week, on September 11th on the App Store. We have no news on pricing at the moment but we will let you know more as soon as new details are in so keep checking back this post for updates.



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