A new role playing game developed by Crescent Moon Games is going to be released next week on the App Store, a game that many fans of the genre will surely enjoy.

Exiles is a futuristic role playing game where players will take control of an Elite Enforcer who has to fight aliens and a corrupt government to save a space colony. When creating their Elite Enforcer, players will be able to choose between three different classes, all coming with unique traits and abilities.


Being an open world game, Exiles is going to be a truly massive role playing game, with a lot of different locations to explore, enemies to defeat and more. The game looks truly impressive, with real time shadows and a day/night system. The game will also come with gamepad support for those who don’t like touch controls too much.

Exiles seems to be the perfect game for all fans of open world titles, giving players freedom to explore the world as they wish with few limitations. To know how good the game really will be, players will not have to wait much longer, as Exiles will be released on January 29th for a yet to be confirmed price on the App Store.




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