Dragon Quest of the Stars

Several new entries of the Dragon Quest series have been announced in recent times and one more smartphone game has been revealed a few hours ago, a game that will offer a unique spin of the series formula.

The new Dragon Quest smartphone game will be called Dragon Quest of the Stars and it will release in Japan sometime this year. In the game, players will have to explore a variety of maps, which are the stars mentioned in the game’s name, and customize your characters in a variety of ways so that they are ready for the big battles ahead.


The Dragon Quest of the Stars battle system seems to be not all that different from the one employed in the main entries of the series, a simple yet effective turn based system.

Unfortunately we don’t know much more about Dragon Quest of the Stars at the moment. The game will be a free to play role playing game so we should expect some sort of currency which will be used for a variety of things.

Dragon Quest of the Stars will be released sometime this year in Japan on the App Store. We don’t have news on a possible Western release at the moment but there’s a decent chance the game might be released in the future, considering all Dragon Quest series iOS ports have been released in English. We will let you know more about the matter as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.




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